Wanwood Ring of Olympia is a hat that was published in the avatar shop by ROBLOX on July 31, 2008. It was a prize rewarded to all players who participated in the Olympics Contest. It went on sale upon its release, but it is unknown how much it sold for, and went off sale one month after its release. Only 2,067 copies were purchased by users before it did. It is a part of the Ring of Olympia series. As of July 6, 2019, it has been favorited 1,169 times.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog July 31, 2008 August 31, 2008


It is a Wanwood textured ring that floats above the character's head.


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  • Before Roblox changed the requirements (during the contest) in order to win this ring, players had to have at least, 10 place visits on their game.
  • The description is false, as Wanwood does not exist. Although it may be giving a similar comparison to Bamboo (which Pandas truly likes to eat).
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