Windforce is a sword that originates from Sword Fight on the Heights IV.


Windforce deals 10 damage to any target it is touching, 18 for slashing, and 36 for lunging. Windforce also has a slightly longer reach than a typical Linked Sword.

Windforce has a special passive ability that as long as anyone touches the sword, they are pushed back. Combined with its long reach, it can be used to keep the distance from other swords and therefore, damage.

However, on SFOTHIV, to prevent falling to death, the player must equip a Touchstone, which is found in the game, and quickly click to teleport to the Teleporter Area.


On April 13th, 2012, this item went on sale. However, during its release, the catalog was bugged, disallowing some people to see and interact with the "Buy" button, while others could.


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