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Catch the Rabbit Competition (Simplified Chinese: 抓兔子大PK Zhuā tùzǐ dà PK) was a LuoBu event that started on September 21, 2021, and ended on October 1, 2021. The event celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival. Due to this, it is widely referred to as the Luobu Mooncake Festival. It featured prizes which needed a certain amount of Points to be obtained. To obtain Points, a player must have completed one of the three minigames in the event game. There were also friend points which were awarded when a friend was inside of the same server as the player they are friended with. FancyAmbitions was the winner of the event.


Name Image Creator/Group

Name Image Creator/Group
Work at a Pizza Place
Creatures of Sonaria
Creatures of Sonaria Thumbnail.jpg
Sonar Studios
Two Player Obby
Two Player Obby (New).png
Century Makers
Muscle Legends
Muscle Legends.png
Scriptbloxian Studios
BIG Paintball!
BIG Paintball!.png
BIG Games™
Funky Friday
Funky Friday.jpg
Lyte Interactive
Noob Train
Noob Train.png
Hide and Seek Transform
Hide and Seek Transform.png


Name Image Objective
Mr.Moon with its Bunny Hat
Mr.Moon with its Bunny Hat.png
Play the event game for 600 seconds.
Mooncake Buddy
Mooncake Buddy.png
Be in the top 2,000 players before the event ends.
Pomelo Peel Hat
Pomelo Peel Hat.png
Obtainable only for Tencent Video users.
Golden Mooncake Buddy
Golden Mooncake Buddy.png
Be the Top 1 player at the end of the event to be rewarded with this prize.
Get 450 points in the event game.
Get 100 friend points in the event game.
Get 450 points in the event game.
Get 100 friend points in the event game.

Bugs and Glitches

  • The second minigame had many bugs, including a slow game, an endless game, being kicked from the minigame and the UI present in the minigame appearing randomly.
  • The obtainment of the Mooncake Buddy is very buggy and takes 8 minutes to claim the prize.


  • Upon release, the event game had many glitches; for example, the second minigame has either slow game or endless game, where the game has went down for an update frequently. This made earning the two shirts, the two pants and the Mr.Moon with its Bunny Hat sometimes almost impossible to get.
  • The Mooncake Buddy is meant to be awarded to the top 2,000 players in the event. Unfortunately, exploiters had abused the point system to become on the leader board. On the second day of the event, the top 10 player had more than 300,000,000 points, luckily, the developers are now frequently banning any exploiters from the game. The obtainment method of the item is also criticized due to being very buggy and takes 8 minutes to claim the prize.
  • The two pants have been criticized due to being awarded when a player has 100 friend points with a friend in which was impossible during the launch of the event.



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  • In the big screen of the event there is a promotional material of the Qīshū Launch Party; the UI for the countdown during the testing has the same textures as the KSI Launch Party countdown UI, another event that Melon developed in. The countdown UI of the game for the event now matches with other UI textures.
  • Originally, the game was only in Chinese, but now the game has been translated into English.
    • Due to the game was only in Chinese upon the event's released, many event guide YouTubers such as Conor3D, Premiumsalad and other YouTubers needed people who knew Chinese to translate for them in their Discord server.
  • This event is considered the worst Roblox China event due to multiple bugs and glitches.