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This is the page for any gifts released yearly during October.


Halloween gifts started in 2011 when Roblox decided to start them. For 13 days each year, in October, there is Halloween gifts. In 2012, Roblox made it harder to get gifts, by making each gift limited time after they came out. The limited time feature not only made it harder to get gifts, but some people aren't patient enough to wait, so it made the gifts come out early.


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  • There are 2 coffin gifts in total. There is the Gift of the Sixth Undead and the Gift of the Count's Coffin.
  • Most gifts' descriptions contain a hint pertaining to its content.
  • The Gift of the Ghastly Ghostie opened days before the Gift of the Count's Coffin opened, when the Gift of the Count's Coffin should have went offsale the day after the Ghastly Ghostie gift went offsale.
  • Some gifts were made before they were on sale.
  • The Spook: Trolling gift was the only discovered gift that wasn't on sale when discovered.
  • Lots of people complained about waiting for certain days' gifts.

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