A Character or Avatar is a property that points to the ExplorerImageIndex 2.pngModel in the ExplorerImageIndex 19.pngWorkspace that is the character of a ExplorerImageIndex 12.pngPlayer.

When on the ROBLOX site, there is a "Avatar" button where you can customize your avatar with accessories, gear, clothing (Shirts, Pants, T-shirts), packages, skin color, faces and heads.


Several outfits made by Shedletsky.

On September 27, 2013, ROBLOX added a new feature to the character menu called "outfits". It allows users to be able to save their current looks and name them. Also, there are three different options that the user

An example of the Character page.

may choose:

  • Rename - Renames the outfit.
  • Update - Changes the character's appearance to the current look.
  • Remove - Removes the outfit.

Users may only save up to 50 outfits at a time.

Character Structure


People can do actions when wanted. A person can do 3 types of dances, cheer, laugh, wave, and point, 7 total. To point write "/e point" in the text box. To cheer "/e cheer" to laugh "/e laugh". To wave, "/e wave". To do the Gangnam Style do "/e dance" or "/e dance1" to do the wave, "/e dance2", and the last dance is "/e dance3".

R15 ExplorerImageIndex 12.pngPlayers cannot do the gangnam style. /e dance1 and /e dance is a slow version of /e dance3

Anti-Nudity Feature

A female person wearing the default clothing.

A male person wearing the default clothing.

A message that says to wear something from your clothing when you have no pants on...

An update on June 16, 2017 modified the appearance of characters who are not wearing any clothing. It is rumored that this update was created in response to concerns that players could roleplay sexual acts while having a naked character. Characters with all one body color who are not wearing any clothing will have a set of default clothes applied to their character and will be prompted to wear something from their clothing.

If the character is not wearing a shirt but has a pair of pants on, no default clothing will appear on that avatar. If the character is wearing a shirt but no pants, the default shorts will appear on that avatar. A known loophole to this is wearing a transparent shirt or pants, which will not apply the default clothing but will instead show the underlying body color. Having a body part be a different color (excluding the head) will also not trigger the default clothing.

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