ChatMessage is an object used in scripting the chat. It is returned by :SayMessage().


All of the following properties are read-only.

Pubfield int ID

A unique identifier for this message.

Pubfield string FromSpeaker

The name of the speaker this was sent from.

Pubfield string OriginalChannel

The name of the ChatChannel this message was sent from.

Pubfield bool IsFiltered

Whether or not this message was filtered. If true, Message will be nil.

Pubfield int MessageLength

The length of this message.

Pubfield string Message

The message text. Will be nil if IsFiltered is true.

Pubfield string MessageType

The type of the message. Will be one of the following if the chat is not modified: "Message", "System", "MeCommand", "Welcome", "SetCore", "Whisper"

Pubfield int Time

The value of os.time() at the creation of the message.

Pubfield dictionary ExtraData

The ExtraData set during the creation of the message.

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