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REVENGE OF THE SLIMES!!! is a building-survival game created by Chillz Studios. It is a recreation of JustinP231's game, ATTACK OF THE SLIMES: BUILD TO SURVIVE!!!

The main objective of the game is to survive from a wave of slimes and to earn coins by shooting them with a bow. These coins can then be used to unlock skills for the bow. During the intermission to build, at the right of the map is a bridge and a cave. The game will teleport players to another place, where players can mine for grass, stone, and different ores. They can then use the coins and combine these materials together to create different types of bows, at the "Miner Game".


  • Lightning Bow - strikes lightning in a random location that can hit Slimes from a distance after shooting the bow.
  • Meteor Bow - spawns a meteor which explodes at a random part of the map. It will instantly kill any nearby green Slimes.
  • Tornado Bow - spawns a tornado at a random location with a single shot of an arrow dealing lots of damage to nearby slimes. If a player gets close enough to the tornado, they can hear some faint music coming from the tornado.
  • Mr Cube Bow - Does one of the random: Summons lightning near the arrow, summons a train near the arrow, or summons a massive stone fist (supposedly a brofist) above the arrow. This bow is special, as it can only be obtained from beating Mr Cube in the game Mr Cube the Boss Battle! .

Bow upgrades

  • Fire Arrow
  • Explosion Arrow
  • Lightning Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Meteor Shower Arrow
  • Black Hole Arrow
  • Toxic Arrow
  • Nuclear Arrow