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REVENGE OF THE SLIMES!!! is a building-survival game created by Chillz Studios. It is a recreation of JustinP231's game, ATTACK OF THE SLIMES: BUILD TO SURVIVE!!!

The main objective of the game is to survive from a wave of slimes and to earn coins by shooting them with a bow. These coins can then be used to unlock skills for the bow. During the intermission to build, at the right of the map is a bridge and a cave. The game will teleport players to another place, where players can mine for grass, stone, and different ores. They can then use the coins and combine these materials together to create different types of bows, at the "Miner Game".


Chests are items available in the shop bought each for five coins. Their color depends on the type of the items they give.

Brown Chests - Gives miscellaneous items.

Pink Chests - Used for movement items.

Black Chests - Gives deployable trap items.


  • Lightning Bow - strikes lightning in a random location that can hit slimes from a distance after shooting the bow.
  • Meteor Bow - spawns a meteor which explodes at a random part of the map. It will instantly kill any nearby green slimes.
  • Tornado Bow - spawns a tornado at a random location with a single shot of an arrow dealing lots of damage to nearby slimes. If a player gets close enough to the tornado, they can hear some faint music coming from the tornado.
  • Mr. Cube Bow - Does one of the random: Summons lightning near the arrow, summons a train near the arrow, or summons a massive stone fist (supposedly a brofist) above the arrow. This bow is special, as it can only be obtained from beating Mr. Cube in the game Mr. Cube the Boss Battle!.

Bow upgrades/Skills[]

  • Fire Arrow - 30 coins (All enemies hit will be burnt)
  • Explosion Arrow - 40 coins (Causes an explosion at the arrow)
  • Lightning Arrow - 60 coins (Rapidly summons lightning at the arrow)
  • Ice Arrow - 75 coins (Freezes nearby enemies, slimes may or may not be immune to attacks while frozen)
  • Meteor Shower Arrow - 100 coins (Summons meteors from the sky)
  • Black Hole Arrow - 150 coins (Summons a stationary black hole at the arrow which teleports slimes that touch it to somewhere else)
  • Toxic Arrow - 250 coins (Poisons one enemy and then spreads)
  • Nuclear Arrow - 1000 coins (Makes a large explosion killing any slime in radius)


  • Normal Slime: Has a green color and has no effect
  • White Slime: More health than the normal slime and is also spawned when the wizard appears on wave 5 except it does not have more health but instead has less health than the normal slime
  • Gold/Yellow Slime: Has a chance to randomly (?) combust into lightning that kills slimes and burn parts that never stop burning and spreads to other parts until all the connecting parts to the burning parts are burnt. It can also guarantee death when a player touches burning parts.
  • Purple Slime: A slime that defies gravity. There used to be a glitch with these where if they started going up, they would go up forever, even if all other slimes had died, players would have to wait for the timer
  • Light Blue Slime: Has the ability to escalate and throw objects into the sky and can launch players and even slimes into the sky.
  • Red Slime: Has the ability to burn anything it touches except other slimes. The burn effect is similar to the one Gold Slime has.
  • Black Slime: Acts like a black hole, goes into the air while sucking anything into it and destroying it. A glitch can occur where if a slime picks up a block the black slime is currently sucking up, the slime can fly up with the block the black hole is sucking up.
  • UFO/Orange Slime: A slime in a UFO which attacks any player and tries to abduct them. Sometimes loses their UFO. It can also abduct blocks.
  • Blue Slime: Can turn anything that isn't a slime into ice, with the ice eventually disappearing
  • Light Green Slime: Can dissolve any object it touches, essentially being a more efficient Blue Slime.
  • Mini Slime: Acts like Normal Slime, has more speed and is more affected by gravity, but less health and also is smaller, making it harder to hit.
  • Mini Black Slime: Same color as the Black Slime, but has the same size and properties as the Mini Slime and has a bomb at its center, it explodes when it touches a part, killing players and destroying parts.




Survivor Of The Wizard badge

The wizard is a dark blue slime that keeps spawning white slimes as long as it's alive, capable of overwhelming all defenses if not dealt with quickly. Spawns at Wave 5. Badge Icon: Wizard hat.

King Slime[]

King Slime badge

"WINNER!" badge

This is a huge slime that has way more health than the average (green) slime. It just destroys everything on its path without stopping, except for being frozen or teleported by a black hole arrow. Spawns at Wave 10. Badge Icon: Crown of the King Slime.

Ancient Giant[]

The Ancient Eye.

Ancient Giant badge

A massive stone giant that can create beams or giant balls of light to destroy players. It remains stationary, and spawns at Wave 15. For as long as it's alive, light green slimes will keep spawning, like the Wizard's ability. Badge Icon: Ancient Eye.

General's Tank[]

Survivor Of The Slime Army General's Tank

Survivor Of The Slime Army General's Tank badge

A tank that mercilessly fires bomb slimes very fast and doesn't move. It has turrets that shoot explosive hitscan bullet rays. The more damaged it is, the more parts disappear from the tank. Spawns at Wave 20. Badge Icon: Tank view.

Space Fleet[]

Space Fleet Badge

Space Fleet Badge

Three massive space ships that fire laser explosions at players and are accompanied with a lot of UFO slimes. Spawns at Wave 25. Badge Icon: The space ships.