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A City (Town and City Genre) is an item or place in which is listed with the Town and City Genre, often though Cities are referring to popular Places which serve as hangouts, business, and roleplay sites.


The first Roblox City was said to be founded around 2007 or 2008 as a group of custom made houses and a few trees. 

Cities on Roblox did not really exist until Robloxaville was made in 2009 by Playrobot. RobloxaVille became a popular roleplay hangout for many years and had many things that are standard now such as a morph menu.

Within 2010 the very popular Town of Robloxia was founded, but the creator, 1dev2 was deleted in 2012 for being massively false reported and so the Town of Robloxia was uncopylocked. Soon after it got uncopylocked many users stole it and claimed it as their own, one of these persons are JuliusColesV2.

There are now many cities such as Robloxity by 1dev3 and Lakeside by Playrobot.

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