Clans & Guilds, shortened to C&G by most users, is a forum section on the Roblox forums created to discuss the Groups Feature. Clans and Guilds is located under the Club Houses category, which it currently shares with Roblox Talk, Off Topic, and Let's Make a Deal. Despite this, C&G was one of the first forums located under the Club Houses sub-heading, and has the forum ID of 32. The current forum section has about 2.5 million threads and 20 million posts. Some other common abbreviation for the Clans & Guilds forum include C7G, and C&G.

Material Discussed

In C&G, forumers talk about anything relating to groups. This includes rating, reviewing, voting, and roleplaying about groups. C&Gers also like to discuss the pros and cons of clans, their favorite/least favorite clans, clan tech, and advertisements for clans. Occasionally, flame wars do occur in C&G. However, about half of posts are off topic, which is allowed by C&G's official rules.

The Salt Mines

The Salt Mines is a fictional place in C&G wherein forumers below 10,000 posts are forced to work until they reach 10,000 posts. The idea of The Salt Mines was originally made by C&Ger Squidboi2.


The current Logo for The C&G Council.

The C&G Council

The C&G Council is a discussion group where many C&Gers discuss stuff. The group is currently owned and lead by Lissitski along with council members GGGGG14 and Disheartening/Pieman1026.


RCL (also known as Raycast Laser or Roblox Clan League) is a sport that features the use GPR and PSTL (weapons used in RCL), to defeat the opposing team. RCL was created by owen0202, and was later expanded to RCL 2.0 by BenBonez and LordVydrak.

Common RCL Battleground Maps: 

  1. Bricktops (built by Owen2020)
  2. Stonebrick, (built by Thea96)
  3. Pitgrounds and Narrowgill (built by SilentSwords)
  4. Temple (built by idontkno)   
  5. Bastion (built by Ratwise and named by RexiLoL)

The C&Ger List

Every once in a while, C&Ger Flammus makes a list of the C&Gers. There has been a total of four versions of the list. The First C&Ger List was released on 7/27/13, The Second C&Ger List was released on 9/15/13, The Third C&Ger List was released on 2/19/14, and The Fourth and the current C&Ger List, was released on 6/19/14.

Other Miscellaneous

Like The Salt Mines, there are many other things people made to make C&G fun, including;

  1. Speedo Cops (which are basically people in a police uniform top and wearing a speedo as pants) created by Yuiopp/BoredFrankly
  2. All Nighters. These people usually never go to bed at all and are usually awake every time, everyday.
  3. Mini-mods. These people are NOT Moderators, but these people like to moderate the sub-forums and report any inappropriate posts on a sub-forum. Some of these people can be forum trolls.
  4. First/Last x Digits. These threads center around the thread's last or first ID numbers. These threads are believed by C&Gers to be controlled by "LxD Gods". (replace x with a number 1-9.)
  5. C&G Defcon - Much like the USA Defcon, these are levels that are set when C&G is acting unusual and have mods deleting posts.


There are many controversies that happen in C&G. Some of them are really serious, some of them aren't. A serious example is the fact that the C&G usually promotes cyberbullying on ROBLOX to anyone who doesn't have their opinions. For example, someone would usually be called 'autistic' and 'cancerous' and would even be told to kill himself at times. Here are some controversies.

List of Controversies

  • Lilk and Pspjohn1 Controversy.  Pspjohn1 posted on C&G that the user Lilk2025, who was in Pspjohn's John's Cobras group, had cancer, claimed to have two children, and was going to die on New Year's Day (which would have been the next day, as this problem started on New Year's Eve). About all of C&G believed that the thread made by Pspjohn1 was a hoax and Lilk never had cancer two children or wasn't going to die. Reason; Because someone with two children would not be playing roblox and someone who has cancer wouldn't play roblox either.
  • FEAR Winning The Most Active Group award at BLOXcon. The reason this became a problem is because C&G believes that FEAR is a terrible, is barely active at all, and was only picked because it is the biggest group on ROBLOX. ROBLOX has yet to release an official statement over the controversy.
  • Pricefloor. This problem started when the Roblox Admins decided to make a pricefloor on clothing to 300 tix and 25 robux. Everyone claims this is because Roblox is greedy. Eventually, ROBLOX lowered the price floor to 100 tix and 10 robux.
  • 7/2 Incident - The 7/2 incident, as it says, happened on the second of July. This event started when a bunch of forumers, said that they should leak their nudes in the forums. Surprisingly, they did so, causing an uproar and a massive panic that caused several C&Gers to go hide in other forums. Several users were banned, most of them punished with account termination but the others with an IP ban. This event is often confused with the arrival of C&G Admin b1tsh1ft, who had a significant positive impact to the Clans and Guilds community.
  • Tri-Clan Incidents - During 2014, Triclan (a coalition made up of UCR, FEAR and RSF) declared war on Sleet Clan and RAT. Even though Triclan was defeated, UCR Second in Command CPTkurk and RSF High Rank FlatFlow leaked a conversation that CPTkurk had with RAT leader Polymorphic which ultimately resulted in the end of the Sleet Clan/RAT alliance. Polymorphic said that he hated Sleet Clan and that they were being more of a pain to RAT than they were helping. Sleet clan was furious and declared war while calling a truce with Triclan. RAT miraculously managed to win against all four clans however and this event was the most talked about thing in Q4 of 2014.
  • There have also been incidents were players have trying to get high-ranks and leaders banned on purpose.  One example being ablog post.  An official ROBLOX Admin soon responded to the post as seen here.

Types of Clans

  1. Superclans. These clans are usually on the first few pages when you search for a group. Some of these clans include FEAR, UCR, and RAT,
  2. Powerclans. These clans are small but are very strong, usually undefeated. Some of these clans include The Grand Imperium, The Vaktovian Empire, V O I D, and R.A.A.
  3. Hype Clans. These clans are usually clans that grow up rapidly, but die out fast as well. These clans include Frigid,  The Sovereign Dominion, EXTINCT, and N E C R O.
  4. In-dev Clans. In-dev clans are clans that are undergoing development currently. The only notable in-dev clan at the time is Canton Strategic Protocol. Also, A SOV IS STILL IN DEV. COME ON A SOV DO BETTER!
  5. Country Clan. This type of clan are usually full of fat neckbeards and are named after a real life country. For example, Nightgaladeld's [USA] The United States of America.
  6. VIP Clan. This kind of Clan is for those leaders who use the "Free VIP" method to recruit for their group. Team Domino, VSO, FEAR and RAT are examples of a VIP Clans.
  7. PMCs. PMCs (also known as Private Military Corporation) are groups that mainly focus in scrimmages usually with swords or RCL weaponry. Some of these clans include Platinum Spade and Strike Back.

8. No-Opinion. These groups are usually roblox airlines or coffee shops. They will kick you out of the group if you say a negative comment towards the group. Some of these include Ryanair TM and Frappé.

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