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A ForceField (also known as "FF" for short) is an object in a place. It was added on December 20, 2007,[1] appearing as flashing wireframes. It was updated in 2012 as a sparkling ball around a player's avatar, and, in 2014, it was updated to a sparkling blue-colored 3D ball.

It currently appears as a blue orb around a player's avatar, protecting the player from being knocked out by explosions or from most ExplorerImageIndex 17Tools. However, some things can remove the ForceField and kill the avatar.

A ExplorerImageIndex 25SpawnLocation can be inserted into a place, defaulting to appear for ten seconds around newly spawned players. This time can be adjusted to be longer or shorter through the spawn's "Duration" property.

The ForceField will also protect anything with a Vehicle property.


Pubfield bool Visible

Whether or not this ForceField can be seen. Effects still apply even if the ForceField is visible or not.

Category: Data.

Serialization: can save and load.

Scripting ForceFields

See also: ExplorerImageIndex 9Humanoid

ForceFields only have an effect when put inside a ExplorerImageIndex 2Model with a part named "Head". This can be done with the following code in a script:"ForceField",game.Players["player name"].Character)

It is important to note what ForceFields do and do not do. Forcefields do protect against almost all explosions. However, they will not work if used to defend from a badly scripted weapon. Adding a ForceField to a player's character prevents Humanoid:takeDamage(n) from having any effect. However, it does not prevent code such as Humanoid.Health = 0 from killing the player.


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  • There are scripts, as well as gear, that do go through ForceFields, such as the Skeleton Scythe.
  • The player can be knocked around while the Force Field is active, the only known tool that can knock the players around while the FF is on is the Fast Rocket.
  • You are able to kill a player that has an FF using the effect of Venomshank and Darkheart.
  • You are able to kill a player that has an FF using the Hyperlaser Gun, and Frost Blade.
  • You are were previously able to blow off a FF'd Player's limbs with the Darksteel Katana. (Patched)
  • There are some exploiting programs that can activate FF without being admin on a game, they are commonly found in fighting games. (As of early January 2015, they are now patched)




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