A generic particle system. This class was added on March 20, 2015.


Pubfield Vector3 Acceleration

The direction in which the particles go.

Pubfield ColorSequence Color

The color of the particles.

Pubfield float Drag

The amount of drag acting on the particles.

Pubfield NormalId EmissionDirection

The side of the BasePart the particles emit from.

Pubfield bool Enabled

Whether or not new particles will be emitted.

Pubfield NumberRange Lifetime

The minimum and maximum amount of time a particle can exist before being destroyed.

Pubfield float LightEmission

A float between 0 and 1 which is the amount of light being emitted from the particle.

Pubfield float LightInfluence

Specifies the amount of influence lighting has on the particle emmitter. A value of 0 is unlit, 1 is fully lit. Fractional values blend from unlit to lit.

Pubfield bool LockedToPart

If this is true, when the BasePart is moved, the existing particles will be moved relative to the BasePart. False otherwise.

Pubfield float Rate

The amount of particles coming out every second. If set to a decimal, particles will not be emitted until 1 is reached.

Pubfield NumberRange RotSpeed

The minimum and maximum speed a particle will rotate after being emitted.

Pubfield NumberRange Rotation

The minimum and maximum rotation a particle can be when being emitted.

Pubfield NumberSequence Size

The minimum and maximum size a particle can be when being emitted.

Pubfield NumberRange Speed

The minimum and maximum speed a particle can be.

Pubfield Vector2 SpreadAngle

Pubfield Content Texture

The appearance of the particle.

Pubfield NumberSequence Transparency

A NumberSequence of the particle's transparency.

Pubfield float VelocityInheritance

Pubfield float VelocitySpread [deprecated]

The distance that a particle can spread out from it's emission location.

Pubfield float ZOffset


Pubmethod void Clear()

Removes all currently emitted parts.

Pubmethod void Emit(int particleCount = 16)

Emits the given amount of particles.

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