The Plugin class inherits from Instance. This class is special, because, unlike other classes, this class is indexed directly from the 'plugin' keyword. This class is used for making plugins.


Pubfield bool CollisionEnabled [readonly]

Whether or not the local player has Collisions turned on in studio.

Pubfield float GridSize [readonly]

Protfield bool UsesAssetInsertionDrag [RobloxScriptSecurity]


Protmethod void Activate(bool exclusiveMouse) [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod PluginAction CreatePluginAction(string actionId, string text, string statusTip, string iconName = "") [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod Instance CreatePluginGui(string pluginGuiName, bool restoreEnabledState, bool initialEnabledState) [removed] [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod Instance CreateToolbar(string name) [PluginSecurity]

Creates a toolbar that can be seen in the 'PLUGINS' tab in studio.

Protmethod void Deactivate() [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod JointCreationMode GetJoinMode() [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod Instance GetMouse() [PluginSecurity]

Returns the user's ExplorerImageIndex 0Mouse object.

Protmethod Variant GetSetting(string key) [PluginSecurity]

Returns a setting previously stored, or nil if one doesn't exist.

Protmethod int64 GetStudioUserId() [PluginSecurity]

Returns the UserId of the player in studio, or 0 if they are not logged in.

Protmethod void ImportFbxAnimation(Instance rigModel) [yield] [PluginSecurity]

Prompts the user to open an fbx animation, that can be loaded onto the rigModel, then inserts it as a ExplorerImageIndex 60KeyframeSequence in the ExplorerImageIndex 19Workspace.

Protmethod void ImportFbxRig() [PluginSecurity]

Prompts the user to upload an .fbx file, which will upload the individual components as meshes, then generates a rig for use in animation.

Protmethod bool IsActivated() [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod bool IsActivatedWithExclusiveMouse() [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod Objects Negate(Objects objects) [PluginSecurity]

Negates the given objects.

Protmethod void OpenScript(Instance script, int lineNumber = 1) [PluginSecurity]

Opens a script to the given line number.

Protmethod void OpenWikiPage(string url) [PluginSecurity]

Opens a page on

Protmethod void PauseSound(Instance soundChannel) [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod void PlaySound(Instance soundChannel) [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod void ResumeSound(Instance soundChannel) [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod int PromptForExistingAssetId() [removed] [PluginSecurity]

Protmethod void SaveSelectedToRoblox() [PluginSecurity]

Prompts the user to upload the selected item.

Protmethod void SelectRibbonTool(RibbonTool tool, UDim2 position) [PluginSecurity]

Selects the given RibbonTool.

Protmethod Objects Separate(Objects objects) [PluginSecurity]

Separates the given objects.

Protmethod void SetSetting(string key, Variant value) [PluginSecurity]

Sets a setting that can be given with GetSetting.

Protmethod void StartDrag(PluginDrag drag) [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod void StopAllSounds() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod Instance Union(Objects objects) [PluginSecurity]

Unions the given objects.

Pubmethod PluginGui CreateDockWidgetPluginGui(string pluginGuild, DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo dockWidgetPluginGuiInfo) [yield]

Creates a docked plugin UI widget that can be edited by developers and moved around by the player. Acts like other widgets in the sense that players can dock it to any part of the studio interface, or leave it floating around. 'pluginGuild' must be a unique string that is not the same as any other UI. Returns a ExplorerImageIndex 47PluginGui in which other GuiObjects can be inserted into.

Protmethod Instance CreateQWidgetPluginGui(string pluginGuiId, Dictionary pluginGuiOptions) [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod int64 PromptForExistingAssetId(string assetType) [yield] [PluginSecurity]

Prompts the user to select an asset based on the assetType given. Returns what assetId was selected, or -1 if the window was closed. The only current 'assetType' available is 'Animation'.

Protmethod bool PromptSaveSelection() [yield] [PluginSecurity]

Prompts the user to save the selection with the given file name. Returns true if the user did save it, false otherwise.


Protevent Deactivation() [PluginSecurity]

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