The SpawnLocation class inherits from Part.


Pubfield bool AllowTeamChangeOnTouch

If set to true, ExplorerImageIndex 12Players who touch this spawn will automatically change to the ExplorerImageIndex 24Team that has this spawn's TeamColor.

Pubfield int Duration

The amount of time that a ExplorerImageIndex 37ForceField will stay on a player after spawning at this spawn. Set to 0 for no forcefield.

Pubfield bool Enabled

Whether or not ExplorerImageIndex 12Players can spawn at this spawn.

Pubfield bool Neutral

If set to true, this spawn belongs to no team and any team can spawn here.

Pubfield BrickColor TeamColor

The team this spawn belongs to. Corresponds with a TeamColor of a ExplorerImageIndex 24Team in the ExplorerImageIndex 23Teams service.

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