The StarterGui class inherits from BasePlayerGui.


Protfield bool ProcessUserInput

Category: Behavior.

Read security: PluginSecurity.

Write security: PluginSecurity.

Serialization: cannot load or save.

Tags: Hidden, NotReplicated.

Pubfield bool ResetPlayerGuiOnSpawn

Whether or not guis are reset when a player dies and respawns. This has been deprecated due to ResetOnSpawn.

Category: Data.

Serialization: can save and load.

Tags: Deprecated.

Pubfield ScreenOrientation ScreenOrientation

Category: Data.

Serialization: can save and load.

Pubfield bool ShowDevelopmentGui

Whether or not guis are shown. This only applies in studio.

Category: Data.

Serialization: can save and load.


Pubmethod Variant GetCore(string parameterName)

Returns the given core's value.

Tags: Yields.

Pubmethod bool GetCoreGuiEnabled(CoreGuiType coreGuiType)

Returns a boolean describing whether a CoreGuiType is currently being rendered.

Protmethod void RegisterGetCore(string parameterName, Function getFunction)

Security: RobloxScriptSecurity.

Protmethod void RegisterSetCore(string parameterName, Function setFunction)

Security: RobloxScriptSecurity.

Pubmethod void SetCore(string parameterName, Variant value)

Sets the given core to the given value. Read this page for more information.

Pubmethod void SetCoreGuiEnabled(CoreGuiType coreGuiType, bool enabled)

Will stop/begin certain core gui elements being rendered. See CoreGuiType for core guis that can be modified.


Protevent CoreGuiChangedSignal(CoreGuiType coreGuiType, bool enabled)

Security: RobloxScriptSecurity.

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