The Team class is used to represent a faction in a team game. The only valid location for a Team object is under the ExplorerImageIndex 23Teams service.


Pubfield bool AutoAssignable

Whether or not player's team can be set to this team when joining the game.

Pubfield bool AutoColorCharacters [deprecated]

If set to true, this would color every player on this team's torso to TeamColor. Now deprecated.

Pubfield int Score [deprecated]

Used to store an integer. Never had any purpose. Now deprecated.

Pubfield BrickColor TeamColor

The color of this team. When a player is on this team, this will be the player's namecolor in the chat (unless edited by developer) and the player's TeamColor property.


Pubmethod Objects GetPlayers()

Returns a table of ExplorerImageIndex 12Players on this team.


Pubevent PlayerAdded(Instance player)

Fires when a player is added to this team.

Pubevent PlayerRemoved(Instance player)

Fires when a player is removed from this team.

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