Allows players to seamlessly leave a game and join another.


Pubfield bool CustomizedTeleportUI [deprecated]


Pubmethod Instance GetArrivingTeleportGui()

Pubmethod Variant GetLocalPlayerTeleportData()

Returns the local player's teleport data if they had any when teleported here. This method can only be used in a ExplorerImageIndex 18LocalScript.

Pubmethod Variant GetTeleportSetting(string setting)

Pubmethod void SetTeleportGui(Instance gui)

This method is used to set the GUI displayed to a player when teleported.

Pubmethod void SetTeleportSetting(string setting, Variant value)

Pubmethod void Teleport(int64 placeId, Variant teleportData)

Teleports the given player to the place with the given id. teleportData is some data sent when teleporting. customLoadingScreen will replace the default loading screen with the given ExplorerImageIndex 47ScreenGui. Player does not need to be defined when using in a ExplorerImageIndex 18LocalScript.

Protmethod void TeleportCancel() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Pubmethod void TeleportToPlaceInstance(int64 placeId, string instanceId, Variant teleportData, string spawnName =)

Pubmethod void TeleportToPrivateServer(int64 placeId, string reservedServerAccessCode, Objects players, Variant teleportData)

Teleports the given players to a reserved server which has the code of reservedServerAccessCode. The code is given when ReserveServer is called.

Pubmethod void TeleportToSpawnByName(int64 placeId, string spawnName, Variant teleportData)

Pubmethod Tuple GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync(int64 userId) [yield]

Pubmethod Tuple ReserveServer(int64 placeId) [yield]

Reserves a server with the given placeId, and returns a code which can be used with TeleportToPrivateServer.


Pubevent LocalPlayerArrivedFromTeleport(Instance loadingGui, Variant dataTable)

Fires when the Local Player arrives to this game by being teleported from a different game. This method can only be used in a ExplorerImageIndex 18LocalScript.

Pubevent TeleportInitFailed(Instance player, TeleportResult teleportResult, string errorMessage)

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