Object representing a high performance bounded grid of static 4x4 parts. This class cannot be instantiated.


Pubfield bool IsSmooth [readonly] [deprecated]

Returns whether or not this game has smooth terrain. Flat terrain was removed in January 2017, so this is always true.

Pubfield Region3int16 MaxExtents [readonly]

Pubfield Color3 WaterColor

The color of the Water material.

Pubfield float WaterReflectance

The reflectance of the Water material.

Pubfield float WaterTransparency

The transparency of the Water material.

Pubfield float WaterWaveSize

The maximum size Water waves can be.

Pubfield float WaterWaveSpeed

The speed of the Water material.


Pubmethod bool AutowedgeCell(int x, int y, int z) [deprecated]

Pubmethod void AutowedgeCells(Region3int16 region) [deprecated]

Pubmethod Vector3 CellCenterToWorld(int x, int y, int z)

Pubmethod Vector3 CellCornerToWorld(int x, int y, int z)

Pubmethod void Clear()

Removes all smooth terrain from the game.

Protmethod void ConvertToSmooth() [deprecated] [PluginSecurity]

Converts the game from flat to smooth terrain.

Pubmethod Instance CopyRegion(Region3int16 region)

Copies the given region and returns a ExplorerImageIndex 65TerrainRegion.

Pubmethod int CountCells()

Counts the amount of terrain cells.

Pubmethod void FillBall(Vector3 center, float radius, Material material)

Creates a ball of terrain that reaches out from the given center point.

Pubmethod void FillBlock(CoordinateFrame cframe, Vector3 size, Material material)

Creates a block of terrain from the given CoordinateFrame and goes out by size.

Pubmethod void FillRegion(Region3 region, float resolution, Material material)

Fills a region with the given material.

Pubmethod Tuple GetCell(int x, int y, int z) [deprecated]

Returns CellMaterial, CellBlock, CellOrientation

Pubmethod Tuple GetWaterCell(int x, int y, int z) [deprecated]

Returns hasAnyWater, WaterForce, WaterDirection

Pubmethod Color3 GetMaterialColor(Material material)

Retrives the color of a material previously set with SetMaterialColor

Pubmethod void PasteRegion(Instance region, Vector3int16 corner, bool pasteEmptyCells)

Pastes the given ExplorerImageIndex 65TerrainRegion, with the corner being a corner.

Pubmethod Tuple ReadVoxels(Region3 region, float resolution)

Pubmethod void SetMaterialColor(Material material, Color3 value)

Pubmethod void SetCell(int x, int y, int z, CellMaterial material, CellBlock block, CellOrientation orientation) [deprecated]

Pubmethod void SetCells(Region3int16 region, CellMaterial material, CellBlock block, CellOrientation orientation) [deprecated]

Pubmethod void SetWaterCell(int x, int y, int z, WaterForce force, WaterDirection direction) [deprecated]

Pubmethod Vector3 WorldToCell(Vector3 position)

Pubmethod Vector3 WorldToCellPreferEmpty(Vector3 position)

Pubmethod Vector3 WorldToCellPreferSolid(Vector3 position)

Pubmethod void WriteVoxels(Region3 region, float resolution, Array materials, Array occupancy)

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