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This article is about a discontinued feature.

The Combat Initiation Badge was a badge obtainable by getting 10 Knockouts on a game which used the classic ROBLOX Leaderboard script. It was one of the easiest badges to obtain as a user on ROBLOX. On July 10, 2015, this badge was retired along with the Warrior and Bloxxer badges due to it being built on an outdated feature and people were using places that give knockouts to players. Players who had it can keep the badge, but it is no longer attainable. If we calculate only 4% of accounts on Roblox as of December 7 could have the ability to achieve this badge before it retired.


Before 2015: This badge is given to any player who has proven his or her combat abilities by accumulating 10 victories in battle. Players who have this badge are not complete newbies and probably know how to handle their weapons.

As of 2015: This badge was granted when a player scored 10 victories in games that use classic combat scripts. It was retired Summer 2015 and is no longer attainable.

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