Snow Ninja

Snow Ninja, the original mesh.

The Commando series consists of variations of army-themed items that have a vast popularity in the Roblox community. The series started on November 12, 2010 when the Arctic Commando was released, it was successful and lead Roblox to start a series of them. 

As of May 15, 2018, there are eight Commando items, four being Limited, three being LimitedU, and one being off-sale. Three faces with similar titles have also been made.


Commando Hoods

Commando hats feature a set of goggles and a mask on a hood with varying color schemes.

Commando Faces

The commando face resembles an angry face. It shows two grim eyes, two marks on each side of the face, and a mouth. Colors vary in Limited types.

Commando hoods

Commando Faces

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