Defaultio is a well-known Roblox player from Maryland. He is famous for his scripting and building abilities. He owns a handful of places favored by players, such as Coaster Creator, Lumber Tycoon, Lumber Tycoon 2 and Mining Tycoon. He was actually oblivious to his popularity before a friend pointed it out to him. As of now, he has over 479 million place visits.  Defaultio also has the Official Model Maker badge.

Alternative account and games

He joined Roblox on October 2007 on an account called Yellowpig4. He made his first successful place several months later, called Feed the Grinder which he later made inactive. Players would use animal morphs if they liked and hop into a grinder to be chopped to gory bits. His most successful game on the Yellowpig4 account was Become a Cyborg. After almost exactly a year and about a million place visits, he moved to the Defaultio account, where he is known today. In 2009, Defaultio constructed a place titled The Wild West for the Worlds of Wood Building Contest to show off the release of the wood material. He was awarded the Helm of the Great Tree and the Treehugger Visor at the end of the contest. Roblox later favorited the place, classifying it as a 'Featured' game.

One of his games, Belmont Mountain, was selected by Roblox to be one of the hosting places for the 2011 Roblox Present Giveaway. In this event, players would need to collect certain badges in order to obtain the 8-Bit Gift of Gaming and the 16-bit Gift of Powergaming. At Belmont Mountain, players would need to climb all the way to the top of the mountain to obtain the badge, which proved to be somewhat difficult.

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