1dev2 was a famous Roblox user who is most popular for his game Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. His account was compromised during the 2012 April Fools Incident and was later terminated for its involvement, but he has since returned on an alternate account known as 1dev3.

Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

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Welcome to the Town of Robloxia is a Roblox game that was first published on January 15, 2010. Its popularity was monumental, gaining over 20,000,000 place visits over the course of three years, however, it did not become popular until shortly after 1dev2 was banned. Created with the key focus of roleplaying, the place was initially criticized for stealing the concept of Playrobot's Robloxaville, which was published nearly two years earlier. This was later debunked as she has said in a recent interview "1dev2 never stole the game; he actually came up to me asked if he could make a place like Community:Playrobot/Robloxaville."

Since the game was uncopylocked, many users have copied Welcome to the Town of Robloxia.

Many users have also attempted to remake this game, but due to the games not being updated or advertised, they all quickly lost popularity and closed down. These users include Adrian928 and Xkrew.

One previous description on the game stated Playbot developed the 'Magic Morph' Gui feature which was used to customize bundles on a player's avatar in-game. Many Roblox users loved playing this game during its popular days, however, nowadays, it is mostly forgotten, even by some of Roblox's veteran players.


On April 1, 2012, Pheedy awarded 1dev2 2,000,000 Robux, so 1dev2's account received enormous amounts of currency and rare hats. A moderator falsely interpreted this as if 1dev2 gave himself the items, and terminated his account for economic disruption.[citation needed]

Fraudulent accounts


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Since the termination of his account, impersonators and deceitful accounts were created using usernames similar to the original, such as 2dev15dev9, and many others. A user by the name of ErrorXtrem claimed to be 1dev2, but this turned out to be false. Timdefeatyou asserted to be the original creator, even though there was little to no evidence to this. Furthermore, he was also the very first to report this, affirming it around an hour after 1dev2's account was terminated.

It was later reported on the comments of a YouTube video that the alternate accounts of 1dev2 were disclosed as 1dev3, sk8erdevan, and TheScrambledEgg. He is currently active and developing games on 1dev3.


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  • 1dev2 attended the ROBLOX Rally.
  • Many of the buildings used in WTTTOR are similar copies of some LEGO sets.
  • 1dev2 accidentally lost his Turbo Builders Club membership but was compensated for regular Builders Club only a month later.
  • 1dev2 was banned in 2012. Strangely, his game "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia" was last updated in 2014. It is speculated that it was updated because the description was reported by a player, which got the description updated to [ Content Deleted ].
  • Welcome to the Town of Robloxia was put under review due to hundreds of false reports which could not have been appealed due to 1dev2's ban.
  • On his about page before getting deleted, he says that his alt account is named "iTunes". 
  • His status reads "i like eating soggy wafflez :3" just before he got terminated.
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