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Dance Off is a round-based fashion/dance competition game first created by 1yesman9 in January 2018, and released on April 14th of 2018. In the game, players compete with each other in a dance competition, showing off their best fashion, stage design, music, and dance moves. Currently, it receives 6,000 concurrent players, rivaling Focus Dance and Gymnastics' Dance Your Blox Off. The game has peeked at 19,000 concurrent players, holding the record for Dance Centric Roblox games.

Originally, the game maintained around 10,000 concurrent players. The player count received a hit after Roblox toughened their stance on copyrighted music, forcing it to replace a large number of infringing material.

The game is heavily inspired by other similar games, Dance Your Blox Off and Fashion Famous, as well as the popular reality show, Dancing with the Stars.


Every round starts off with an intermission "Time Out" period lasting 10 seconds. The category for the round is announced and players can choose to quickly group themselves into squads each of three.

Each player is given 3 minutes and 10 seconds to prepare for their performance. They can visit one of the three stores and choose from a randomly-generated set of clothing and accessories, and a variety of hairstyles, hair colors, and faces, to dress up in. They can also buy and select their dance moves, music, stage decorations, and props to further customize and increase the attractiveness of their performance.

After the preparation time is up, the Dance Off starts. At a randomly selected nightclub, 1yesman9 walks up onto the stage as the announcer and introduces the Dance Off.

Every performance, the stage is customized to the dancer's (or the squad leader's) preferences, the dancer's chosen music, or a randomly selected music if one wasn't chosen, plays, and the dancer(s) enter the stage. The dancers can walk around the stage and interact with the decorations, execute one of their selected dance moves, and use their props if they have one. The spectators are to rate the performance from 1 to 5 stars. Every performance lasts for a minute and at the end, 1yesman9 gives a random comment. (If the dancers are inactive, they are skipped over and their ratings are discarded.)

Eventually, when all performances have been completed, the dancers (and their squads) are ranked based on their ratings and the results are shown. All players earn coins and fans based on their results. The amount of fans a player has determines their rank in dancer and world fame.

Songs Availible in Dance Off

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