In Plain Sight is a game created by the Roblox group aII_duck.


The game starts when everyone is teleported into the store, then a random player is chosen to be the camera, while others become thieves. The camera's goal is to kill all the thieves, and the thieves' goal is to steal all the objects from the store. Everyone has 3 minutes to complete their goal. The thieves can have different disguises that have special abilities that can help them steal more objects, or escape from the camera.

Each map provides a variety of different objects, obstacles, blind-spots, and exits. To win this game as a thief/camera, you need a strategy, deception, and a sharp eye.

Abilities and Goals


The thieves can pick different disguises that have different abilities (Smoke bomb, teleport, invisibility, speed boost, etc.). They have a maximum weight capacity of 20 (Except for Lumberjack with 30), wherein each object will have different weight (e.g. Refrigerator 20, whilst paper is 1) with each of them having different prices for each. Take note that you will be slowed when obtaining objects, and the duration varies between each object.

If thieves do not move for a long period of time, they are given a warning that they have 5 seconds to move. If they do not do this, they are killed instantly by the map and into the lobby.


The camera's goal is to kill all the thieves, receiving $500 for each kill. The camera can fire bullets which can damage the thief if they get hit. The camera also has an ability that can activate to help catch the thieves. If the camera hits an NPC (not a player) or misses too many times, the camera will jam for a brief moment.

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