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Alex Hicks (AbstractAlex, formerly known as Rukiryo) is a game developer on Roblox. He is known for leading many major projects such as Pokémon Reborn RPG, Robloxian High School, Swordburst Online and World//Zero.

Pokémon Reborn RPG

Pokémon Reborn RPG is AbstractAlex's best game which accumulated 4,000,000, place visits. It was created on August 19, 2012, and it is his most popular game so far. Players start off with a starter Pokémon and in time will find and try to hunt down other Pokémons.

There are currently three game passes which players can buy.

Icon Name Cost (Tix) Cost (ROBUX)
Running Shoes.png Running Shoes 100 10
Premium Shop.png Premium Shop 125 10
Eevee.png Eevee 150 15


Wizardopia was a very popular game. It accumulated around 50,000 elemental wizards, two of which were VIP classes (shadow and light). The game entered a 2.0 phase where music was added along with an intro cutscene however this version was reverted and hasn't been seen since 2011. No reason is stated.

Wizardopia II

AbstractAlex released a game titled Wizardopia II in 2012. It was only open for a few days for unknown reasons. The game seemed to have been heavily inspired by HylianLegend's Arena games (stated by AbstractAlex that that was inspiration). The game featured swords, daggers, bows and of course: magic. You unlocked new weapons by accumulating kills. The game had changing maps which was also similar to Legend Arena. After about a week the game was taken down by AbstractAlex and never seen again. It is noted that the house in one of the maps for Wizardopia II, was repurposed for AbstractAlex's game Miner's Life. The suspected reason for the game being taken down is that it did not match the original Wizardopia that he had created and loved. 

Wizardopia III

Wizardopia III is the third game in the Wizardopia series. The series itself has become shrouded in mystery ever since the taking down of Wizardopia II. Select users have played Wizardopia III and claim it only features magic and no longer contains melee weapons or bows. This helps to reinforce the assumption that Wizardopia II was removed due to its mismatch with the series. The game utilizes a barrier system that takes damage for the user. The game seemed to focus more around exploration so the purpose of the barrier was msot likely to make it harder to kill somebody. The game featured a dozen skills that could interact with the environment by lighting it up, igniting candles, filling cauldrons and even creating a meteor shower. AbstractAlex has stated himself that the game was discontinued because of the amount of exploiters arising in Roblox. He claims he got so caught up coding antihacks that he didn't even have time to work on the gameplay. At that point the game was discontinued and he proceeded to fight exploits in his other games.

Wizardopia IV (Rumored)

Recently (August 10th 2014) rumors have been floating around that AbstractAlex has a place titled Wizardopia IV. The place was opened on August 9th, 2014 and he has answered no questions about its purpose. Considering how Wizardopia III was shut down due to exploits it's possible he is creating a new entry in the series of discontinued games. This is an interesting series because each game in it is always near completion however shutdown right before release. Perhaps now that FilteringEnabled is out we can cross our fingers that he will create a new game.


This is one of AbstractAlex's first games that used SaveInstance to allow users to create and save weapons they designed in an editor. The game was an active community which revolved around "exams" to select high ranks for the group for two years of the game running, AbstractAlex released an update that would crush the community. He created a new method to prevent exploits (even though FilteringEnabled existed, he did not use this, most likely he didn't want to remake BLEACH) which he released as BLEACH 2.0. He then demoted every member of the group to the lowest rank. When asked multiple times about why he did this, he simply said "I was tired of all of the corruption. I decided to shut down the community and let people play the game for the game." He has since claimed he will restart the community however has admitted he keeps forgetting to which most likely means he's toying with the idea of it but isn't committed.

Attack On Titan

After the worldwide sensation "Attack On Titan" anime was released, AbstractAlex promptly created a game revolving around it. Seeing as AbstractAlex is an anime game enthusiast this was expected. The game has accumulated over 750,000 visits and has an active community. AbstractAlex takes no part in the community for the same reasons as BLEACH. The game is recognised as the most visited Attack On Titan game on Roblox. It is also recognised as having the best 3D Maneuver Gear and also as having the worst map. AbstractAlex recently added the ability to shift into a Titan which hasn't been seen in these other games.however hasn't updated the game since then. It is suspected that he is having trouble keeping so many games alive while also focusing on the creation of new games. A fan group was made that has since then been inactive.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX World

The second popular game AbstractAlex created after his successful Wizardopia. This game allowed users to play Yu-Gi-Oh! with other users as they would on a tabletop. AbstractAlex's private messages were disabled during the time because users were complaining about other users cheating. This is the suspected reason for him not making any more installments in his Yu-Gi-Oh! simulation series, besides his Duelist World which was created with friends, for friends. Later released to the public.

Mr. Pokémon

AbstractAlex is often recognized for his Pokémon games. After being asked by many users about the subject he says it's a love/hate relationship. "I love how many people love the game and I hate how people want me to only focus on Pokemon, somebody else's idea and franchise, instead of my own ideas". With this statement, received by user Exernos on June 21st it is safe to assume that AbstractAlex isn't happy with his infamous reputation as Roblox's Pokémon coder.

Robloxian High School

In 2017 Sharksie started working on a new project called Robloxian High School. Alex was one of the developers of the game.

World // Zero

In early 2019, Alex, along with Locard started the project of World // Zero, which is similar to other dungeon crawler games on Roblox, but with better graphics and unique models. This game was finally released to the public in late 2020, and currently, this is one of the most successful game created by Redmanta studio.

It also features in serval Annual Bloxy Awards:

  • It had won the Best use of tech in 2019 and Most immersive experience in 2020.
  • In 8th Awards, some of the maps were chosed to be the showstage.

Other games


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  • AbstractAlex has an axe named after him, called the Rukiryaxe, in the game Lumber Tycoon 2.
  • He also has a Twitch account.