DODGEBALL! is a famous game created by game designer alexnewtron. The game is one of Alex's most popular games. The game is a Roblox version of the popular game Dodgeball.

The game reached the decline phase around 2016 as the game is having trouble surpassing 500 users daily, and it is unknown how it lost its popularity. Afterward, alexnewtron created a remake called DODGEBALL! and made this game redirect to its remake.

Dodgeball 2013 Revamp

In early October 2013, Alexnewtron released a whole new version of Dodgeball with a new map, revamped GUI, and gameplay mechanics. The revamped game instantly became a hit and was featured in a Crossfire blog post featuring both alexnewtron and Stickmasterluke.

The game includes 2 different teams, Red Raiders and Blue Blasters, similar to the ROBLOX Battle team names. 


Game rounds start with the game "Preparing" as the player's camera is rotated slowly as the game spawns both teams. The camera then tweens back to the player, as the player is then given 3 dodgeballs to fight with.

The player can throw a dodgeball at a teammate to pass it to them, or throw at the enemy team to damage them. After 4 hits per-player, the player is killed and sent back to the side-lobby. When a dodgeball's color is 'white' and is thrown by the enemy team, you can take damage.

After the round ends, the player's camera is tweened to the winning team, as the winning team is featured and MVP (Most Valuable Player) is shown on the screen.

Game Passes

The game features an in-game store where you can purchase extra dodgeballs to spawn with, some with different styles and skin, as well as special abilities while attacking a player.

Game Passes
Name Ability Robux
Beach Ball None 5
Ender Pearl None 50
Basketball None 50
Mario Fireball Sets enemies on fire for 3 seconds. 30
Eyeball None 20
Magic 8 Ball None 25
Poké Ball Freezes your enemy's for 3 seconds. 100
Pumpkin Spooks your enemy's for 3 seconds. 200

[Halloween 2013 Exclusive]

Soccer Ball None 10
Earth Ball None 35
Angry Birds None 100


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