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PEARS to PAIRS is a card game on ROBLOX made by alexnewtron where you have to give a noun, or pear, card to the adjective, or pair, card. After you finish choosing, the judge picks the best card and if that card is yours, you win and get a point.


When this game was originally made, it was called Apples to Apples. Due to a copyright infringement from Mattel, ROBLOX had to take the game down while alexnewtron made the game less like Apples to Apples.


On July 20th, 2018, alexnewtron closed the game because of the incompatibility with filtering enabled. As stated in the description, Alex says he has no plans to take the game out of experimental mode (non-filtering enabled) as it would be a lot of work to fix the game. As of July 2018, nearly nine years after the game was created, the game remains private and closed to public visitors.

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