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FNaF : Support Requested is a horror game created by HiddenSavageYT.  The game was previously owned and handled by Kudokaii, however recent events have seen Kudokaii giving consent to continue the game HiddenSavageYT, or 'Foxarocious' as known on his other platforms. The act was done on 12/6/20. The game is a work in progress remake of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, currently with six FNaF 1 levels, two dark room levels, six FNaF 2 levels, and one vent repair level. From the words of Kudokaii himself after seeindg the WIP of FNaF 3,"Holy.."




Night 1:

Bonnie and Chica are the only ones that are active in this night. To beat night 1, check the security cameras for the lookout of Bonnie and Chica. If they're at the hallway (Cameras 2A, 2B, 4A, 4B), close the doors. Then, if they're not in the hallways, open your doors to prevent power out or it will be a GAME OVER.

Additional Advices -
  1. If you hear footsteps, Bonnie and/or Chica has move from one area to another.
  2. Bonnie will start from 1A and move to 1B or Cam 5 > 1C > 2A > Cam 3 > 2B > Left of your office door.
  3. Chica will start from 1A and move to 1B > Cam 7 > Cam 6 > 4A > 4B > Right of your office door. If you don't see Chica in the cameras, she might be in the kitchen (Cam 6) or by your office's window.
  4. Save Power just by checking the hallways light. If you see them, close the door.

Night 2:

Foxy becomes active in this night. Same thing like night 1, but constantly check at Camera 1C. If you don't check Foxy that often or too often, his process stage speeds up and might skip a stage. So keep it at a minimum. If you hear running, immediately close your left door or it will be a GAME OVER.

Foxy Stages:

The 1st stage is when Foxy looks inactive. (He will be looking down.)

The 2nd stage is when Foxy looks at the camera.

The 3rd stage is when Foxy is still looking at the camera, but he take a step and point.

The 4th stage is when Foxy looks like he is jumpscaring a person.

The 5th stage is Foxy is not there and the curtain is completely opened.

The 3rd and 4th stage can also be viewed by camera 1B

Additional Advices -
  1. Foxy can't be viewed by light.
  2. If you check camera 2A on Foxy's 5th stage, an animation of him running will play. YOU MUST QUICKLY CLOSE THE SECURITY CAMERA AND CLOSE THE LEFT DOOR.
  3. Each time Foxy bangs and scratch on your security door, it will remove 3% of your power unlike the original Five Nights at Freddy game.

Night 3:

Freddy becomes active in this night. Freddy's movement takes him in this pattern: 

Cam 1A > Cam 1B > Cam 7 > Cam 6 > Cam 4A > Cam 4B

When Freddy reaches Cam 6, a music box will play. After this, if you hear him laugh, he will move to Cam 4A. Once he has done this, you have a certain amount of time to shut your right door before he jumpscares you. If you shut the door he will move to Cam 4B, the corner next to your right door. Although being able to defend yourself from him is helpful, it drains a lot of your power. Most of the time, instead of moving away after a little bit, he will stay in that corner the rest of the night. You better conserve your power before Freddy gets to you!

Night 4:

All animatronics are more aggressive

Hard Mode

Night 5:

Everything is greyscale in this night and ocassionally your doors will go up and down.

Night 6:

Everything is blacklight in this night, all animatronics are more aggressive.


It is important to note that the music box winds down faster each night.

Night 1:

Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica are the only ones active in this night. The Puppet is also active in this night with the music box.

Night 2:

Same as Night 1 just they are a little more aggressive and Balloon Boy becomes active in this night.

Night 3:

Mangle becomes active in this night.

Night 4: The animatronics become more agressive, attacking more frequently.

Hard Mode

Night 5:

First night of hard mode.

Night 6: Second night of hard mode but than way harder than the first night of hard mode

Dark Rooms:

Plushtrap: don't use your flashlight untill you hear him walking. if he is gone than you know that he is walking, if he is on the cross than use your flashlight.

Nightmare BB: The same as Plushtrap but you don't need to react to the other sounds that Nightmare BB makes.

Vent Repair:


When you start. you can either click the play button, or the fast forward button. The fast forward button will begin the game, but the play button will give you the tutorial/tips.

To survive you must push any green buttons you see, flip any levers, and if you hear hissing, that's the pipes. You must locate the hole where the sound is coming from and use that pipe to locate the handwheel. When you have found it, you have to click it ten times before the hissing stops.

You must do this all while avoiding Mangle. Mangle will emerge from the vents surrounding you every few seconds. When Mangle emerges, just shine your flashlight on them and they will go away.

Once you do the first two vents, a third vent will open up behind you. It is a memory puzzle, where you have to memorize the pattern and click each color accordingly.


Unlike the original Five Night at Freddy's game,

  • Your light or door buttons won't be jammed if you are too slow to react.
  • You will be given a limited time to close your door, otherwise you lead yourself into getting jumpscared.
  • Freddy will never leave the East Hall Corner once he gets there.
  • Animatronics are silent aside from footsteps and Freddy laughing.
  • When Foxy hits the door, he drains a specific amount of power, unlike the original game where it slowly increases.
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