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Experience Gravity is a comedy game by amanda. The game is known to contain many badges, with most being awarded for the number of times a player falls off the map and the amount of time a player has played the game.


Upon joining, users spawn on a small, green studded baseplate. They have the ability to walk around, jump around, and fall off the baseplate. Once a player falls off the baseplate, they are able to jump off again.

A secret, yet well known trick is possible to pull off when done correctly, which involves jumping on the sign to be flung into outer space. When flung, players are able to revolve around planets. However, if a player tries to revolve around the sun after clicking on another planet, they will plunge into the sun instead, and they will be sent back to the baseplate.


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  • Although the game's page on Roblox says it was created in 2006, it was actually created in September 2018 but uses the creator's first game slot.
  • It was originally made as a gamejam submission for Scripters Community Forum, afterwards it gained popularity and is still updated as of 2021.