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Not to be confused with Minish.

Aminish was the alternative account of Scripter, a Roblox Ex-Employee who was known for leaking videos of the Sparkles feature to his YouTube account before it was implemented into Roblox. The main purpose of his account was selling in-game money and developing clothes, creating games, places, meshes, scripts, and others.


It is known that Aminish was terminated a few days after messing up the RAP (Recent Average Price) of some of the Dominus items in the catalog. See Gallery

Aminish also used to own a group called The Genovese Crew, it is rumoured that he used it to save the money he "generated". After his termination, the ownership of The Genovese Crew was given to one of Aminish's friend named Bot_Link.


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  • His estimated value was over 60 million Robux, he had over 4 Dominus Infernuses in that mass of wealth but he lost it all when he got terminated a few years afterward.
  • Some users that have him as only friends were found, possibly alternative accounts.
  • He joined in mid-2012, a few days after the 2012 April Fools Hack.
  • He is poison banned from Roblox, and most new accounts made by him will be found and terminated.
  • Possibly alternative accounts are: "Ghostbeanz" and "Celenalove", Ghostbeanz was terminated at early 2019.
  • Past usernames: Rookie77777, DynamicRookie, Macchiavelli
  • He was the richest Robloxian that ever existed, his fortune was 2 times bigger than Linkmon99's fortune.
  • His favorite items, determined by his inventory, were Dominus Empyreus, and Dominus Infernus, he had over 4 of them both. After his termination, the items were later returned to their original owners.