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SCP rBreach is an SCP-based first-person shooter game, developed by Ancientroboman and based off of the ideas of the SCP Foundation and the SCP Wiki. The game has 5 gamemodes.


Name SCP Wiki Link Hostile Playable Description
SCP-035 SCP-035 Yes Yes Acts as a normal human with extra health. Can hold items unlike other SCPs. Once SCP-035 dies, it can be worn again, which will turn the new wearer into SCP-035.
SCP-049 SCP-049 Yes Yes Plague Doctor from the 15th century that ceases all life functions of any living matter it touches. It will then "cure" them, turning them into SCP-049-B
SCP-049-B SCP-049 Yes Yes (If cured by SCP-049) A spawn of SCP-049 that lacks basic motor functions and cannot do anything except click players to attack them.
SCP-066 SCP-066 Yes Yes Currently Removed Amorphous mass of braided yarn and ribbon that can play Beethoven's 2nd symphony at over 140 decibels, damaging players nearby.
SCP-076-2 SCP-076 Yes Yes Humanoid entity with a heavy sword and enhanced speed.
SCP-096 SCP-096 Yes Yes Humanoid entity in a permanent state of depression, however hits a tipping point when its face is viewed. Once viewed, it can break down doors, move insanely fast, and instantly kill anyone for a short period of time.
SCP-106 SCP-106 Yes Yes Slow entity that can walk through doors and take players to its "pocket dimension" where they have a 12% chance of escaping.
SCP-173 SCP-173 Yes Yes Currently Removed Extremely fast statue that kills instantly. Only stopped when someone is looking at it.
SCP-280 SCP-280 Yes Yes Levitating entity that has a massive speed boost ability, and can deal a huge amount of damage.
SCP-294 SCP-294 Sometimes (read desc) No SCP-294 represents a coffee dispensing machine that can dispense any drink imaginable. Some can kill while others just have a simple message.
SCP-457 SCP-457 Yes Yes Humanoid entity that is constantly on fire and sets anyone else nearby on fire as well.
SCP-500-D N/A No No Donut that cures the effects of SCP-610
SCP-610 SCP-610 Yes Yes Humanoid entity that, when touched gives people a rash that infects their body and also turns them into SCP-610.
SCP-914 SCP-914 No No Represents a large machine that can upgrade or degrade items put into it, such as keycards. It consists of 5 settings, "Rough", "Course", "1:1", "Fine", and "Very Fine". Players put into the machine on "Rough" or "Course" will be killed.
SCP-966 SCP-966 Yes Yes Humanoid entity who is invisible until attacking. Players get messages like "I feel like there is something in the room with me." when he is nearby.


Faction Class-D Personnel Facility Personnel Security Department SCPs Mobile Task Force Chaos Insurgency Serpent's Hand Global Occult Coalition Unusual Incidents Unit GRU 'P' Division
Class-D Personnel Friendly Neutral Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Neutral Neutral Neutral
Facility Personnel Neutral Friendly Friendly Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Neutral Friendly Hostile
Security Department Hostile Friendly Friendly Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Neutral Friendly Hostile
SCPs Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Hostile
Mobile Task Force Hostile Friendly Friendly Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Neutral Friendly Hostile
Chaos Insurgency Friendly Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Hostile Neutral
Serpent's Hand Hostile Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Neutral
Global Occult Coalition Neutral Neutral Neutral Hostile Neutral Hostile Hostile Friendly Friendly Neutral
Unusual Incidents Unit Neutral Friendly Friendly Hostile Friendly Hostile Hostile Friendly Friendly Hostile
GRU 'P' Division Neutral Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Neutral Neutral Neutral Hostile Friendly

The game consists of 10 factions; 3 escapees, 6 reinforcements, and the security department. Each faction (except for SCPs and Class-D Personnel) can have sub-roles, which have the same goal but a different appearance or items on spawn. The faction chart shows what teams are allied with each other. Neutral teams can choose to ally but can also exterminate each other.

Class-D Personnel

Class-D Personnel are either volunteers or former death row inmates that were recruited by the foundation in order to test with the SCPs, notably Keter class SCPs. At the start of the game, all Class-D Personnel are in single-person cells and are all released at once. Class-D Personnel do not start with any items or weapons, and are defenseless until finding a weapon or keycard.

Facility Personnel

Facility Personnel are miscellaneous staff at the site. This team can consist of scientists, janitors, doctors, engineers, council members, or miscellaneous staff.


Council Member seen in-game holding a glock.

The council member is a rare role that is part of the facility personnel faction. They are dressed in dark clothing and Clockwork's Shades. The only weapon they have by default is a pistol, however they are the only role to spawn with a level 5 keycard.

Doctors are part of the facility staff team. They spawn with a level 2 keycard and a medkit.

Engineers are part of the facility staff team. They spawn with a level 2 keycard.

Janitors are part of the facility staff team. Unlike other facility staff, they spawn with a level 1 keycard.

Miscellaneous staff. Spawn with a level 2 keycard.

Scientists are staff members who performed testing with certain SCPs prior to the containment breach. They spawn with a level 2 keycard.

Security Department

Security Department are guards that are stationed at the facility. This faction can consist of guards, senior guards, lieutenants, and commanders. Unlike other factions that spawn at the start of the game, security detail are tasked to help others escape but not actually escape themselves.

The commander is the head of the security team. A commander will always spawn, and there can only be one per game. They spawn with a level 4 keycard.

The lieutenant is the second in command of the security team. They spawn with a level 4 keycard.

A senior guard is similar to a regular guard, with a different title. They spawn with a level 3 keycard.

A guard is the lowest ranking role in the security department. They spawn with a level 3 keycard.


SCPs are anomalous entities that were discovered and contained by the SCP Foundation in order to keep them hidden from the world. When the containment breach game mode starts, a random amount of players are denoted as SCPs. There is only one of each SCP, and each SCP has different abilities and functionalities. SCPs are categorized based on how easy they are to contain: Safe, meaning they can be contained easily; Euclid, meaning they are harder to contain; and Keter, meaning they are near impossible to contain.

Mobile Task Force

The Mobile Task Force, or MTF for short, are reinforcements that are allied with the foundation. These members are sent to rescue any surviving facility members and exterminate any rogue Class-D and SCPs, as well as other hostile reinforcements. All MTF spawn with a level 4 keycard. An MTF commander can spawn, but only during the team deathmatch mode.

Standard MTF units are MTF that have no special advantages or items. Facility personnel that escape become standard MTF.

Alpha-1, also known as "Red Right Hand", are a sub-group of the Mobile Task Force which is only sent when a council member is present in-game. There are no extra benefits other than appearance. In lore, Alpha-1 are the bodyguards of the council members.

Epsilon-9, also known as “Fire Eaters”, are a sub-group of the MTF that wear a flame-resistant suit. They are immune to incendiary grenades and SCP-457.

Epsilon-11, also known as “Nine-Tailed Fox”, are a sub-group of the MTF that wear orange camp suits. They have no extra benefits other than an additional 25 health.

ETA-10, also known as “See No Evil”, are one of the most useful MTF sub-groups. They wear black uniforms. They spawn with night vision goggles, allowing them to see through the fog, as well as the ability to see SCP-966. They also have SCRAMBLE gear, allowing them to look at SCP-096’s face and giving them immunity to flashbangs.

ETA-11, also known as “Savage Beasts”, are a sub-group of the MTF that wear grey uniforms. They also wear soundproof headphones, making them immune to SCP-066.

Mu-13, also known as “Ghostbusters”, are a sub-group of the MTF that wear a khaki uniform, referencing Ghostbusters. They spawn with an experimental rifle that counters SCP-280’s ability and doubles its damage to it. They only spawn when SCP-280 is present.

Nu-7, also known as “Hammer Down”, is a sub-group of the MTF that spawns in an M81 woodland camp uniform. They currently have no special properties other than an additional 25 health.

Beta-7, also known as “Maz Hatters”, are a sub-group of the MTF that spawn in a bright yellow uniform. Beta-7 wear bio-hazard protection, which make them immune to SCP-610 and SCP-049’s infective properties. However, Beta-7 can still take damage from SCP-610 and SCP-049-B.

Chaos Insurgency

Chaos Insurgency is a faction that works for the Class-D Personnel and against the Facility staff. They are tasked to rescue any surviving Class-D Personnel and exterminate facility employees and other factions. They are given a level 4 keycard at the start of the game.

Serpent's Hand

Serpent's Hand is a leader-less terrorist faction that works for the SCPs and against non-SCPs. They are tasked to rescue and spread awareness of the existence of SCPs and exterminate all other factions (except for GRU, which is optional). They are given a level 4 keycard at the start of the game.

Global Occult Coalition

The GOC or known as the Global Occult Coalition is a team designed for destroying SCP subjects. People who play the game call them "Neutral killers" because they mostly kill neutral people. They are given a Level 4 keycard. A random Sidearm and grenade. and an L85A2 for a primary gun.

Unusual Incidents Unit

Unusual Incidents Unit, or UIU, is a faction that works for the facility members, Class-D (optionally), and are against the chaos insurgents and the SCPs. They are tasked to assist the staff in re-containing the facility, including killing rogue SCPs. They are given a level 4 keycard at the start of the game.

GRU 'P' Division

The GRU 'P' Divison is the Soviet faction, and works for noone but themselves. They have no allies but themselves. GRU 'P' spawn at Gate A, and can spawn with any weapon. Since they have no allies, the game recommends that they make allies with the foundations enemies. They can spawn with any weapon.


At the bottom of the screen, players have access to their health and sprint. Sprinting is unavailable for most SCPs, and is available for all humans. Health does not recover unless a medkit is used.

Game modes

Containment Breach (CB)

The containment breach gamemode follows a storyline in which Euclid and Keter class SCPs have escaped from containment. All non-SCPs must escape the facility before bombs are detonated and destroy the entire facility, while the SCPs have to kill all humans to prevent them from escaping. In this game mode, Class-D, Staff, Security, and SCP will always spawn, and at 10:00 and 5:00 respectively, all players in the lobby will spawn as one of the reinforcing teams.

Council Rescue (CR)
The Council Rescue gamemode is where several  O5 Council Members have to escape the facility. Council Members always spawn with a pistol and a level 5 keycard. Also in this gamemode the MTF unit "Red Right Hand" spawn at the start of the round they are tasked with saving the Council Members. No other classes can spawn except MTF which spawn a 5-minute interval every 5 minutes. The someone will usually dentonate the warheads every round. And instead of CB´s 3 SCP´s that spawn, around 5-6 spawn instead.

Team Deathmatch (TDM) Team Deathmatch is a gamemode where 2 GoI´s are put against each other, and fight. This excludes Foundation Personel, Class-D and Security. The current matches are: FBI vs GRU-P, Chaos Insurgency vs Mobile Task Force, and Serpents Hand vs UNGOC. Currently, the only 3 factions with leaders in TDM are the FBI, MTF and GRU. The MTF Commander and FBI Squad Leader only appear in TDM currently, while the GRU Commissar appears in CB. Usually later in the round, there will be a respawn, but everyone in the lobby will usually respawn on the losing team. It is common that a If an admin is in on the server, it is common that he/she will respawn everyone but on different teams.

Hide and Seek (HAS) HIde and Seek is a gamemode where there are 2 teams. The Class-D which are renamed the Seekers, and the Foundation Personnel which are renamed the hiders. Everyone in the server is a hider until the 60 second countdown expiers, and selected hiders are turned into seekers. Seekers have M134 Miniguns which are extremely OP. And Hiders have now weapons and are not allowed to fight back. Unlike every other gamemode, no GoI or MTF group is able to spawn. And the game ends when either there are still hiders when the time runs out, and the hiders win. Or all of the hiders are killed before the time runs out and the seekers win.

Who you gonna call? (WYGC?) Who you gonna call? is a gamemode where there are 3 teams, the SCP´s which are fully comprised of SCP-280´s, the MTF which are fully comprised of Mu-13 ¨Ghostbusters¨, and the Serpents hand (Which doesn´t spawn automatically, but the 280´s can escape and become SH.) If all of the SCP-280´s have escaped and become Serpeants hand, there is a very low chance of Epsilon-11 ¨Nine- Tailed Fox¨ spawning instead of Mu-13. This gamemode is hated by the community, and a match of WYGC? is a very rare sight. It is suggested that if you want to play this gamemode, you go on a private server with friends. It is unknown if this will be included in the revamp.



Keycards are an essential item in rBreach, as they are the only item that can open doors that require keycards. There are five different kinds of keycards, named "Level 1-5". Each card can open a certain set of doors, as well as all the doors for the keys that have a lower level than it.

Medical Items
Medical items are a minority for escaping. There are currently 2 Medical items. Medkit an item that slowly heals the player. It can be used by hold-clicking on it for 3 seconds and heals you slowly over time and SCP 500-D can instantly heal and cure the player of SCP-610 completely in a short amount of time. Meds spawn in both the entrance zone armory and  the light containment zone armory.

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