Blox Hunt is a hide-and-seek game created by Aqualotl. It is based on the Garry's Mod game Prop Hunt.


The objective of Blox Hunt is to not be caught by the seekers. Within each game, there are typically one to two seekers; all the other players are responsible for hiding. There are currently six maps, including scenes like an office, school, construction area, lab, shop and neighborhood street.

Hiders are encouraged to hide through transformation, which is achieved by clicking on an object. The seekers must then use their zapping abilities to find players. When zapping an object, the object jumping notifies the seeker that nobody is hiding as that object. Hiders also possess the zapping ability but use it to help stun the seeker.


The lobby shop allows players the opportunity to purchase gamepasses and in-game hats.


These are permanent upgrades that do various things in-game.

Name Cost Description
WalkSpeed 250 Robux Makes your player 40% faster.

Includes a cosmetic.

Instant Hide 250 Robux This is a Game Pass that will only work if you are a Hider.

This pass makes you instantly hide. The glow following you will remove and your character will be rotated to blend in. You will not need to wait the 3 seconds.

Radar 400 Robux This is a Game Pass that will only work if you are a Seeker.

Gives you a radar that tells if a Hider is within 40 studs of your player. It has a 10 second cooldown and will automatically ping.

Note: The radar does NOT show the location of Hiders. It only tells you if one is near.

Includes a cosmetic.

Price was raised since can it unbalance the game at times.

Face Changer 75 Robux Allows you to change your character's face. Currently there are only eight: :3, :D, Finn McCool, Freckles, Drool, Mr. Chuckles, and Shiny Teeth.

This gamepass unlocks the face section in the Blox Shop.

Cloner 400 Robux This pass allows you to create a clone as a Hider. If a Seeker attacks your clone, it will explode resulting in the Seeker taking 50% damage and their Energy drained.
Seeker Points 250 Robux You will receive 2 points each time you hit a Hider.
Auto-Seeker 500 Robux Allows you to place a device as a Seeker that targets any Hider within a 15 block radius, draining their energy and dealing 50 damage. Only works once per round.

Includes a cosmetic.

Vanish 350 Robux Allows you to turn invisible as a Hider for 5 seconds. Only works once per round.


Name Status Description
Welcome! Obtainable You played Blox Hunt!
Hide Victory! Obtainable Win a round of Blox Hunt as a Hider.
Seeker Victory! Obtainable Win a round of Blox Hunt as a Seeker. You must START as the Seeker to be awarded with this badge.
Last Hider Standing Obtainable Win as the last Hider.
Dominus of Blox Hunt Obtainable You bought the most expensive hat in the game!
Two of A Kind Obtainable Find two Hiders in one round!


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