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Tales from the Valley is a PVP Adventure game created by Arch_Mage with colossal battles between factions over control of the map. Players can explore a huge game world, discover new weaponary, spells, and abilities along their journey. The game has been member of Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time and has Newborn Spotted Egg as a award. At the moment the development of the game has been discontinued. Despite the fact that the development is stopped, game still sees new players and an extremely toxic community.


When you enter the game for the first time, you will find yourself on an island with a short guide on how to play. After that, you can choose your homeland. Each homeland has its own abilities, and certain homeland can join some of the factions. From the beginning, you can fight, explore or complete posts to get money. There are three currencies in the game: notoriety; insight; valu. Notoriety can be gained by killing other players. It can be used to exchange it in insight, get corruption, or upgrade your weapons. Insight can be obtained by finding books in chests, conquesting, finding spells or towns, and finding the source chest. It can be used to buy corruption or purity, as well as to bestow scrolls. Corruption and purity have their own aura with advantages and disadvantages. The more purity or corruption points a player has, the stronger their aura. Valu can be obtained from chests or posts. It can be used to buy weapons, potions, and other stuff.

In-Game Items & Weapons

  • Arming sword - Balanced and versatile weapon. You spawn with it when you joined the game first time also can be bought in Folstarr and Clifftown. The last arming sword's skill is a spinning attack.
  • Katana - long reaching blade. You getting it instead of arming sword if Vhiun homeland is chosen. The last katana's skill is dash forward and lunge.
  • Scimitar - Swift strikes at cost of lower block capability. Can be bought in Morokh. The last scimitar's skill is three slashes in quick succession.
  • Greatsword - Huge, unwieldy sword with large, sweeping attacksCan be bought in Frostfall. First greatsword's skill is bringing your sword back and wheel it into your foes, sending them flying. The last greatsword's skill is bringing your sword down, crushing all who dare stand in its way.
  • Staff - Hefty stick with magic bonuses and fairly timid blunt damage. Can be bought in Clifftown. First staff's skill is gathering mana from your surroundings into your staff, eliminating the mana cost of your next spell. Last staff's skill is slamming the flat of your staff against the ground, briefly stunning all nearby players
  • Health potion - Makes your health quickly regenerating. Can be bought in Clifftown, Folstarr, Morokh and watanko.
  • Mana potion - Quickly regenerates 50% of mana. Can be bought in every town.
  • Slate potion - Transfroms your body into stone for some time. Stone body ignores a bit of damage and doesn't letting you cast spells. Can be bought in Watanko and Dunleaf.
  • Stamina potion - Quickly regenerates your stamina. Can be bought in Dunleaf, Clifftown, Kiki and Frostfall.
  • Cloak - Hides your name, hats, face, and clothings. Can be bought in Kiki and Dunleaf.
  • Bell of return - Returns you to town spawnpoint. Can be bought in Dunleaf, Kiki, Frostfall and Folstarr.


  • Folstarr Town - Always first town you spawn in after leaving the guide island. You not getting insight for it.
  • Clifftown - Located in Folstarr Seaboard.
  • Frostfall Town - Located in Frostfall Range.
  • Kiki Village - Located in The Shallow Mire.
  • Dunleaf Glade - Located in The Prairie.
  • Watanko Docks + The Hare's Tale - Located in The Twisted Grove.



            How to get
Prime Postman Complete 100 Postal Deliveries.
Warrior Kill 100 players.
Warlord Kill 500 players.
Treasure Hoarder Open 500 chests.
First Year Play during first year of development. (UNOBTAINABLE)
Newborn Spotted Egg Complete the egg hunt quest. (UNOBTAINABLE)
Apotheosis Obtain max purity.
Anathema Obtain max corruption.


  • Game has a wiki, but all of the invites was cut off by Arch_Mage.
  • That game is officialy declared dead and will no longer be updated.
  • You can't obtain scrolls anymore. (But you still can be bestowed by scroll owner)
  • Arch_Mage was working on a huge update, but stopped development on the game before its release.
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