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Are92 was a notable Norwegian user who joined Roblox in November 2006. He developed extremely famous games over the course of 2007 and 2008 during which he created a large audience with himself through the creation of a Roblox-centered YouTube channel named StudioARE. In late 2008, Are92 quit Roblox and proceeded to make his Roblox related videos unlisted. Since then, very little has come of StudioARE's YouTube channel, Are92's account, or any of his previous work. He is best known for his YouTube videos and winning third place and winning the Scariest Monster Category in the Spooky Building Contest. Are requested his account to be terminated to keep it safe in late December 2016[1], and his request was accepted.


Are92 gained notoriety from his YouTube channel, StudioARE, by uploading machinimas and short comedy videos to his channel between the middle of 2007 to the end of 2008. His first video series, Idiots Of StudioARE, has amassed over 300,000 views across the four videos in the series.

Are later won the May Fun video contest, and lifetime Builders Club, for his Top 10 Ways to Die in ROBLOX video. A video which, to this date, is one of the most viewed Roblox videos of all time. Several months later, his most notable 'brick film' was released: RoWar: Chapter 1, which to date has both received over 100,000 views, and earned Are92 accolades from the Roblox community. Though only one chapter of RoWar was released, a studio worked with Are from early 2012 to 2015 to work on a 'Reboot' of the series. However, as morale with the team of the Reboot grew low, the project was ultimately canceled. The screenplay for the first chapter has been leaked in part on several outlets.

During the golden era of StudioARE's YouTube, Are92 and his friend Are14 (AreLam), started a third-party forum community for gaming and machinima videos of the same name. was registered in July 2008. The community, at its peak, had over 1,000 users. It began its decline after Are92 left Roblox.

StudioARE's YouTube channel has posted several videos since Are left Roblox, often very far apart. Its Miners of StudioARE video series came to some interest with the public but was never continued despite the 13,000 views the video received. Their Alien Swarm let's play video series, though nine parts, has not received nearly the same amount of views as their significant other videos.

Eventually, Are92 formally proclaimed that he no longer had an interest in being involved with StudioARE. In early 2016, a StudioARE 'employee' assumed control of the StudioARE YouTube with permission from Are92 and AreLam with the goal of bringing back StudioARE's community & YouTube. The new producer started a live video series and was working on a number of new ROBLOX video machinimas, including some that had to do with the RoWar universe. That producer departed the project after a disagreement over the management of StudioARE. StudioARE's web page has had a static 'Coming Soon' page for well over four years.


Ever since the release of his first Idiots Of StudioARE 1 video, Are92 received a lot of recognition and praise by the Roblox community.


Throughout the existence of Are's account, there have been three known incidents of his said account. The first one took place on May 26, 2010, where a user apparently sent an email to with an email address which was very similar to Are's, and an employee revealed Are's password despite Are's email address and the user's email address not matching. This occurred again on January 25, 2015.

Return to Troll

On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, Are92 and Are14 (known as AreLam on his website) were convinced in a chatroom to log onto Roblox for a short while. Assisted by OZZY941 (Brickwork), jediknight123, Quentonious, and Mr44, they accepted all of the friend requests sent to Are and visited several games. Are92 also traded most of his 2 million tickets using the trade currency, which crashed the trade economy by dropping Robux value to 6 Tix for a short time period. Afterwards, Are14 posted on the StudioARE Facebook and Twitter pages, "I am Done trolling ROBLOX". 


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  • Are92 is one of two well-known Norwegian players on Roblox, the other being hva_skjera.
  • Are92's only known alternate account is Are42.
  • Despite him being connected with the notable user Are17, he has stated that it is a fan's account.[2]


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