Armymen3do1 was a former forum moderator for ROBLOX. He served in 2009 but was banned and deleted after allegedly leaking exploiting tips to xSCENEx member, Eone, or abusing his administrative powers. Opinions regarding him were mixed and can be viewed in the goodbye thread posted by Community Manager ReeseMcBlox.[citation needed] He is currently active on his alt account, CloseEncounter.

Armymen3do1/CloseEncounter (2006-2010)

Beginning on an account simple known as, "Army" in 2006, he played several months before losing interest and eventually leaving the game and forgetting his password. He rejoined later during the summer of 2007 on the account Armymen3do1. From 2007 to 2009, Armymen3do1 spent most of his playing time among war games, clans and building. An avid dogfighter, he was once ranked among the top 5 dogfighters on all of ROBLOX (2008). His experience in clans would lead him to become an officer and leader among newer clans as they emerged, among these rank most notably the Emerald Eye Drones and a revival of a 2006 clan, Phoenix Fire. After becoming a member of LuckyGlues flight squadron, he drastically improved in knowledge and ability regarding flight.

Following an inactivity of the squadron, an application was sent out to NearMissTFW, a flight simulator great of the time, notable for the creation of the Wingz World series. NearMissTFW had a club known as Wingz. He was accepted and quickly rose through the ranks, gaining the rank of Commander of the Wingz Coast Guard detachment. NearMissTFW went on to pioneer the ROBLOX Coalition, the most notable military alliance in clan history from 2008-2009. Army would follow NearMiss to the Coalition where he gained the rank of Chief of Staff (2IC) and later Chief Justice. Shortly after his promotion to Chief of Staff, Army took a leave of absence at which time be would become a ROBLOX volunteer forum moderator and WBPC judge.

After a short tenure as a moderator, one in which he was well received by users, he began to work undercover to combat exploiting, mainly inspired from his hatred of JaredValdez, an infamous place copier. Working directly for MrDoomBringer, head moderator, he embarked on a crusade uncovering and delivering exploits to staff members to be patched. In an alliance with user Eone, the pair uncovered and patched several exploits. One exploiter who was targeted and banned by the pair sought revenge and in response framed Army in a classified scandal. ROBLOX Head of Personnel Keith believed the falsities and ordered the account terminated and IP banned. Following a savior by ROBLOX's community manager, Army was unbanned and allowed to remain playing. Following this, he returned on CloseEnconter, symbolic to his close encounter with an IP ban.

He again delved into the world of clans, taking back up a clan he had led while a moderator, Rendel Space Industries, a joint clan between him and LuckyGlues. Joining the RC himself, he was involved in many military conflicts, notably against the rising x-101st threat and LordNathan. He took part in the REF split led by Caleb10909, supporting, arming and defending REF. After a brief period of peace, the RC began to falter. Internal strife and restrictions on clans marked a turning point in the RC. Following the forced dissolution of an inner alliance known as the Triguard, the coalition broke down. After the dissolution of the RC, an empire was formed known as the Neduwik Republic, led by NearMissTFW made up from former RC superpower RSI and RNA.

After serving a brief time with the space navy of the NR, IPN, Encounter believed it was time for himself to leave the Republic. Attempting to retire peacefully, he left the IPN and retook his group, RSI seceding from the group. He then formed his own clan, a PMC called Beowulf Special Operations, or BSOP. NR forces viewed him as a rebel and declared him hostile. This was followed by a RAT lead invasion and exploiting of BSOP's main base, Romadi under Donkeyo4 and NearMissTFW. After repelling the attack, NR forces withdrew hostilities. Encounter in response struck to the heart, taking several former NR loyalists including Geckoguy456, Blaze20, Alphaboy124, BodesJR, TheLegoWars, Cop259 and CommanderMillard.

Together they started an alliance, the Collaborative Nations Security Council. The CNSC would be involved in many coming conflicts, among the biggest a war against RAT and UCR. Following the surrenders of both (no joke, hard to believe though), CNSC concerned itself with NR. Briefly engaging in some alliance like activities including joint training, relations seem to improve. Following aggression and abuse by NearMissTFW, the CNSC withdrew and entered a Cold War type scenario with the NR. NR would later collapse and CNSC entered a time of peace. Following the later quitting of NearMissTFW, CNSC declared its mission complete and was briefly deactivated.

CloseEncounter (2010-April 2011)

After cycling through two clans, RSI and the 12th Airborne Division, Encounter decided to reactivate CNSC to jointly work with his friends and allies and to have a greater enjoyment among ROBLOX clans. CNSC reactivated in late October 2010 and ran till the month of April 2011. It marked a long stretch in CNSC history. It greatly expanded its self and was involved mainly against forces loyal to Caleb10909 and Richkid1000. At first, CNSC was involved in joint contingency operations with a group led by Dukebl00devil, the Armed Forces of ROBLOX, which would be a major CNSC ally during its short life, but would later die. Following CNSC's covert dissolution of REF and remorphing it into a Star Wars clan, Encounter deactivated CNSC a second time and became heavily involved in the new REF and later RGRM.

CloseEncounter (Summer 2011-Present)

Encounter served with RGRM for several months as a leading general, leading his infamous division, the 1st Recon Battalion. He would later establish a military coup of the government to install Blaze20 as Chancellor, which was successful. Following this, involvement became brief after serving in the Sith Wars. He went on to write the constitution for the new RGR, but eventaully would lose interest. He would later retire. He went on to serve once more in the modern military community. Joining IRFOR, led by SpartanJ98 and former colleague Modru, he served the group as an officer until August 2011. Following inactivity of IRFOR, he retired to once more lead his own group. He began leading a small group of special forces operators known as the 24th Special Tactics Squadron, based off Air Force SOF in the US Air Force.

This group failed to take off. He then went on to serve a newly formed coalition, led by Ruger10. He led a Special Forces detachment known only as Joint Task Force 5. Following the coalitions inactivity, he again went on to form a new clan. Based on the Polish special operations force, GROM, Encounter led a hugely successful unit which was considered highly active and of elite status. Pairing with Kougrakub who had revived IRFOR, And19, who led a Delta Force Unit, Miiil who led a Task Force, Roboman333 who was leading a fire team, and HHSKnight who led a recon unit, GROM and it's new found allies populated a new revived CNSC, which also consisted of Juliane14's RMR, a long time CNSC partner. The allies would become closely intertwined.

Following aggression from GMF23's USM, war broke out between CNSC and USM. A highly motivated CNSC defeated USM in an exploit and nuclear tainted war (Exploits primarily from CNSC). Following this victory, CNSC and USM reconciled their differences and became major allies. Many clan leaders would quit following the end of the war, due to them not having enough time to spend on ROBLOX. This hampered CNSC for some time. Encounter would go on to try and fail to expand his clans, ultimately ending in their retirement and moving on to another PMC, Vulcan Global Defense. He would also become USM's SOCOM commander and would later achieve the rank of Joint Chief of Staff.

Recent Times

Currently, he serves three clans where he is an active leader. These include the CNSC, USM and the Republic of Poland and its Armed Forces.


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  • His real name is Kyle.[citation needed]
  • Armymen3do1's original ID was 12981, indicating his account was made in early 2007.
  • Armymen3do1's account, CloseEncounter, owns a Wargroup called Collaborative Nations Security Council (CNSC).
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