Artica_FA is a Roblox game developer for the group Shyfoox Studios. She is a major contributor to the Wolves' Life series of games. She is lesser known than the other developers of the group. She mostly preferred to stay secretive about her role in the group. Many people believed that Artica was another developer known as Shyfoox, but this was quickly debunked and it was found that they are just close friends and partners with Shyfoox.

Memory loss

Artica was forced to quit developing due to memory loss. She is currently on medical leave. Artica used to be a Roblox Lua programmer and ethical hacker for top game groups.

Her most popular game she developed for was Wolves' Life Beta, her last input to Shyfoox Studios before her medical incident was redesigning the entire Wolves life game, which the new game was renamed Wolves' Life Dawn Beta. Artica's original name for the new game was Ultra but Shyfoox renamed it Dawn to honor Artica's work and continue her contributions and ideas. Artica is now just a regular member rank in the Shyfoox Studios group, however Shyfoox has given her developer access and team create despite her leaving so that she can still feel connected to the group.

Artica now is a high school graduate, investor, video advisor for over 70+ YouTubers, active Roblox player, and Welcome to Bloxburg builder as well as trying to relearn her 4 years of Lua.


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