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Buena Vista is a showcase game that was created by asimo3089. In this game, players can explore or roleplay in the showcase map and hunt for hidden badges. Collecting all of the badges grants the player the ability to turn tiny. The game was a nominee in the 2016 Bloxy Awards for the Favorite Showcase category.


Name Image Objective
Sittin' on the toilet.
Buena Vista Sittin' on the toilet. Badge
Sit on the toilet in the bathroom upstairs for a while.
Buena Vista Garage Badge
Get the code from the clock in the main room and put it in the number pad at the garage doors.
Buena Vista Unlocked Badge
Pick up the basement key hanging off of a table in the room with a computer.
Buena Vista Workout Badge
After collecting the Garage Badge, go through the garage and to the pool behind the house and swim five laps in it before the timer runs out.
Buena Vista Collector Badge
Collect all four other badges.
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