The Classic Longest Obby is a famous obstacle course game made by asimo3089. The place started to gain visits in 2010 and is still somewhat popular today. This place was made on July 18, 2009.


This game consists of 65 obstacles and 12 badges. Some obstacles are hard but some obstacles are easy too.

There is a coaster at the winners' area taking them to an island were badges can be obtained.


There used to be gamepasses for this game. Here are the gamepasses below.

V.I.P. costs 50 ROBUX or 120 tickets.

Mega V.I.P. costs 79 ROBUX or 149 tickets.


Some winners often abuse with the rocket launcher, making other people having trouble beating the obby. This was the point, Asimo3089 never updated his obstacle course for about 2 months to enable admin commands.

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