asimo3089 is a builder noted for creating The Wind, Ultimate Marble Rider, Volt and most notably, Jailbreak on Roblox. He co-owns the Badimo and TeamVolt development groups alongside badcc. Asimo has also assisted in creating the lodge for the 2014 Winter Games. Ultimate Marble Rider won some awards from the 2014 BLOXcon.


Asimo3089 has received many awards for his building skills:

  • RoadRunner Canyon won Best Looking Place during the 2013 London BLOXcon.
  • The Wind won the 2013 Place of the Year.
  • During the 2014 BLOXcon, asimo3089 won Builder of the Year.
  • He has been nominated many times for the Bloxy Awards 2017.
  • His game Jailbreak was nominated over 20 times at the 2018 Bloxys.  


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  • On March 3, 2018, asimo3089 stated on the Jailbreak Discord server that he has been suspended on Twitter after being falsely reported by numerous trolls.
    • This has also brought the issue of other Roblox content creators receiving unfair DMCA strikes and reports on Twitter to public attention.


He gets criticism from his game called Jailbreak.

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