Be a Parkour Ninja is a game created by a user called Aurarus. In Be a Parkour Ninja, the player will go onto the battlefield, having 2 weapons and a utility. The player must fight other players in an ongoing PvP match. Its fast gameplay must keep you alert and prepared if you want to stay alive.

On March 5, the game temporarily closed because of exploiting issues. On the first line of the description of the game, it says "Don't worry; I'm gonna make it filtering enabled and open it back up again." This means that Aurarus is planning to open the place back up again in the near future. The game is now opened back up.


The game is solely based on PvP with a K/D ratio. No points, no EXP, no upgrades. There are cosmentics though, including the desert rouge pack and cyber ninja pack. This type of gameplay can be compared to Sword Fight on the Heights. However, with a versatile selection of tools and utilities, you can choose your way of killing other players. This map takes place in woods-like area with multiple temples, obstructions and tall trees. This makes it so that you could be fighting differently every time you were in a different location, providing with a different setting and obstructions. Not only that, but the map is made to have something to climb onto and jump across for parkour.


When you spawn, you are equipped with three tools.

  • Katana - The katana is a melee weapon when upon click, you swing it in front of you, damaging other players on contact. The katana synchronizes with the LMB button, meaning you can press the LMB button quickly to swing your katana quickly.
  • Smoke Bomb - The smoke bomb is a utility, which upon use creates a white puff of smoke. Enemies who were in radius of the explosion are blinded with a white screen before fading away. This is used for getting away from a fight with ease or blinding your opponent to land hits easily.
  • Kunai - The kunai is a ranged weapon. While it can't attack quickly compared to the Katana, the Kunai can damage other players with an immense range. This makes a great weapon for catching others on the run or hitting from a faraway distance.
  • Heavy Sword - The Heavy Sword is a melee weapon when upon click, you swing it across you, damaging other players on contact. The Heavy Sword attack  goes in a circle around the player and it takes 3 to 4 seconds to perform it. if the player hits all the spinning process on other players, it will one shot them.


  • [ Q ] - Slide Left
  • [ E ] - Slide Right
  • [ X ] - Slide Backwards
  • [ C ] - Toggle Clone/Substitution. When sliding and Clone/Substitution is toggled on, you create a temporary clone at your place before you slide. This creates some ways to trick your opponents and effective when paired up with Smoke Bomb.
  • [ SPACEBAR ] x2 - Double Jump. While jumping, you move faster versus you running on ground.

When on a vertical surface, you can "climb" up it by running against the wall and pressing the spacebar multiple times. This makes it easy to get up high elevations with ease or providing a faster way of transportation other than running.

Killstreaks and Awards

The game gives you a special katana for having a good AVK (average killstreak). By having a AVK of 10, you get the green katana (Grass), AVK of 25, the golden katana (Lantern), and AVK of 50 gives you a purple katana (Night Reaper). There is also a personal best killstreak, which shows you the top 10 killstreaks you went off on. There's additionally a global leaderboard which compared your AVK to others around the world.

Official Be A Parkour Ninja Discord

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