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AuthenticG_ames is a Brazilian Youtuber who makes Roblox videos as well as other genres of videos. He so far has over 17.9M subscribers and 130,974 followers on Roblox. He began making Roblox videos in May 2018, before this he used to mainly do Minecraft videos. He is commonly known on Roblox as Authentic or Marco. Despite being famous, he isn't a Video Star member.


AuthenticG_ames sometimes makes clickbait thumbnails. For example, one of his videos titled "FUJA DA GRANNY, ELA NÃO PODE TE PEGAR NO ROBLOX !! (Com Minguado )(Which means: RUN FROM GRANNY, SHE CANNOT CATCH YOU IN ROBLOX! "(With Minguado)", the thumbnail shows him in a Granny obbies but in the video, there are no obbies related to Granny, only a game related to Granny that has no relations to obbies.

Like DrTrayblox did, many Brazilian Roblox veterans criticized him for bringing his young audience to Roblox.

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