Avectus was a user best known for his games on groups such as Speedster Studios Inc., which owns Speed Simulator 2, a game with over 106,432,152 visits, and Flamin' Studios™, a group that is best known for Weight Lifting Simulator 3, a game with over 930M  visits.

In January 2019, Avectus was terminated. While the reason for this is not fully known, people speculate that it was due to him selling Robux on third party sites[citation needed].

Post-termination, Speed Simulator 2 became private due to a Roblox error. Since his account was banned, he couldn't have accessed the place to make it public again, thus making the game permanently unplayable.


He was known for scamming players and not paying those who helped work on his games with him. His game, Weight Lifting Simulator 2, which has 73,110,316 visits, was originally created by Salty_Leo[citation needed] and only served as a stolen copy. Similarly, one of his other games, Speed Simulator 2, was also partly stolen.

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