Ultimate Build is a sandbox building game originally created in 2008 by the player B0BBA. This place is the most popular place of B0BBA's and has brought him to much attention in the ROBLOX spotlight. Ultimate Build used to be very popular, but now the game has an average of 4 active players, In November 2014[citation needed], B0BBA made the place uncopylocked, allowing anyone to edit it.
A photo of Menger Sponge

Menger Sponge, the place which had replaced Ultimate Build after exploitation issues

The place itself contains a large green baseplate with piles of bricks in which players could feel free to build whatever they wanted to. Players were supplied with "special" bricks such as seats, thrusters, hover-bricks, and were also supplied with car and plane chassis. Players were, in addition, provided with simple building tools that could resize, clone, delete (and say that you deleted an item), move, anchor, and lock bricks, in order to allow the player to fine-tune their creations to the most precise extent. In addition, there was a special "VIP-Only" island which could only be accessed by players which wear the VIP shirt sold for Ultimate Build, this place was made private on June 3, 2018 and made copylocked for unknown reasons.


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  • B0BBA has promised to add more "modern" building tools and materials to the game in 2012, however he still has not added them for an unknown reason.
  • This map is commonly used on RBLXDev and other games.
  • The game was recreated by a user named 1337h4xorz in mid 2012.


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