Benblue9 was a ROBLOXian who was notorious for being both a successful and skilled clan leader. He led The United Clan of ROBLOX (U.C.R.) twice, as well as the groups Roblox Freedom Association (R.F.A.) and Urban Assault Forces (U.A.F.). All of these clans grew and prospered immensely under his rule. Ben was known to not have only been a good clan leader, but to have also cared for the members of his groups, and he was well liked for that. He is cousins with Meowmixxed (ThePhantomHourGlass), another extremely well known figure in the clan world. He quit ROBLOX in October 2011, and has not logged on ever since. Ben is thought to still be active on ROBLOX, but on another account. Some players say that Ben is currently a high rank in UCR, or even the former UCR leader, TheEvidence. Others say that Ben is currently Falsewarrior000, the third in command of UAF. Though both accusations have been proven false as TheEvidence proclaimed that the conspiracy of him being ben was not true and it was a distraction from real person being accused of being benblue9. Falsewarrior000 openly admitted it was a joke he played on the people and that he was not Ben either. 



UCR's logo during Ben's reign.

Ben led the United Clan of ROBLOX (UCR) twice during the 2009-2010 era, and to this day, is still considered a big part of UCR's history. UCR was the first clan that Ben had ever led, so he was relatively inexperienced when it came to leading clans. However, he led the group to several victories in wars, the most well known as the UCR victory over the controversial super-clan F.E.A.R. During Ben's time as the leader of the group, UCR had a high member growth rate, as well as good technology and bases. Despite all of the praise Ben received during his tenure as President of UCR, he was also heavily criticized. Several members called Ben corrupt, and thought of him as an in-experienced, bad leader. He quit UCR when he first planned to quit ROBLOX, but Ben then came back to ROBLOX without re-joining UCR. There are several stories floating around the clan world that Ben is a High Rank in UCR as a highrank, or as the former UCR President, TheEvidence, although this has yet to be proven. Ben's era is regarded by some arguably that Ben's era was the golden era of UCR and the time when UCR was in its prime. Many people also claim that ever since Ben resigned as President of UCR, the clan has been falling slowly.


Urban Assault Forces Third Logo Edited

The UAF logo during Benblue9's era.

Ben is also famous for being the sixth leader of the Urban Assault Forces (UAF). He got leadership of the clan through his friend ColourTheory and his cousin ThePhantomHourglass , who got it by trading a 10,000 Robux, a Sparkle Time Fedora, and an Admiral position in The Roblox Assault Team (RAT). Ben reformed the group into a Russian-communist style clan, and brought the group into its "golden era." Like UCR, when Ben became the leader of UAF, the group saw a huge growth of members, and the group achieved super-clan status under Ben's reign. Ben also allied the group to other super-clans, such as R.A.T., F.E.A.R., and Vortex Security mainly because of his friendships with those groups' leaders. The members of UAF heavily praised Ben as being a great leader, as he was popular among both the high ranking and low ranking members of the group. However, he did have some critics that did not like the fact that Ben reformed UAF into a communist clan, as opposed to a Urban Military Clan, as well as that many people weren't happy when UAF lost against the Vaktovians under his leadership however he still was heavily respected. He quit UAF, which saddened both the members of UAF as well as the Clans community as a whole. He also quit ROBLOX at the same time, but unlike the UCR situation, Ben did not come back to ROBLOX, at least not on this account. There was a rumor Ben was on a new account which is the current Commander of UAF, Falsewarrior000, as confirmed by the ex-Commander MOOJL. This rumor has later been revealed as a prank. 


Roblox freedom

RFA's logo during Ben's era.

Ben led the ROBLOX Freedom Association while leading UAF. After seeing the large line of leaders that RFA had, Ben decided to take control of the group, and like UAF and UCR, it got pretty popular. After Ben realized how hard it was running two clans at the same time, Ben decided to sell RFA to another player. The group was eventually shut down by Vaktus in the name of the Vaktovian Empire. The group was revived after Ben quit ROBLOX. RFA is still allied and UAF's brother clan to this day. Despite the fact he has not been active with the group for a while, Ben is still considered to be a legendary leading figure within RFA.
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