Andrew Bereza (berezaa) is a Roblox game developer known for owning the groups Berezaa Games™ and and creating Azure Mines, Miner's Haven, Vesteria, Classic Gun Factory Tycoon, 2PGFT Remastered, War Games, The Conquerors Mark II, and 3 Player Apoc Tycoon.


On January 23, 2019, berezaa made a post on Twitter criticizing Roblox YouTubers and the video star program in general.[1] Notable Robloxians including Ysko, TheAmazeman, Linkmon99 and many others replied, questioning his reasoning for making the post. He later replied saying that the program "selectively and artificially bolsters certain creators, many of which unduly wield that influence to manipulate developers/the ecosystem."[2] He also directly called out ZephPlayz for being one of the more problematic YouTubers.[3]


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  • He is a high-ranking member of the ROBLOX Assault Team, and used to be an Admiral. Within that clan, he also occasionally uses the Clans & Guilds (C&G) sub-forum.
  • He is also known for his Tycoon Creating Kit that has substantially helped users on Roblox become successful tycoon makers other than himself.
  • Outside of Roblox, he is in a relationship with EvilArtist.[4]
  • He has won three Bloxy Awards and a 2016 RDC Game Jam.
  • He is currently studying mathematics and computer science in college.


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