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Roblox Bowling Alley is a hangout game made by blXhd in which players can bowl, purchase snacks with cash, and hang out. The game is one of the first sports-themed social hangout games.


In the game, players can bowl and chat with friends. You get cash every 15 seconds so you can buy food, drinks, and bowling balls.


There are many areas, a bowling shoe area, an outside area where you spawn and exit, a bowling ball shop, a snack bar, a secret area when you go all the way to the right, walk down a walk way, and you're behind the pins/bowling lanes. And, of course, a restroom. With, an added kitchen in the Snack Bar and obviously the bowling lanes.

Buyable items[]

The items you can buy are (Keep in mind, Robux is the cash):

Bowling Balls[]

Black Ball: Free

Blue Ball: 10 Robux

Red Ball: 10 Robux

Green Ball: 10 Robux

Yellow Ball: 10 Robux

Purple Ball: 10 Robux

Pink Ball: 10 Robux

Orange Ball: 10 Robux

Giant Black Ball: 100 Robux

Giant Pink Ball: 100 Robux

American Ball: 20 Robux

British Ball: 20 Robux

Canadian Ball: 20 Robux

Eight Ball: 20 Robux

Eye Ball: 20 Robux

Rainbow Ball: 20 Robux

Roblox Ball: 20 Robux

Watermelon Ball: 20 Robux

Food And Drinks[]

Bag Of Popcorn: 20 Robux

Cheeseburger: 4 Robux

Slice Of Pizza: 2 Robux

Coke: 2 Robux

Sprite: 2 Robux

Dr. Pepper: 2 Robux

Root Beer: 2 Robux


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  • Error: The Snack Bar has 2 cash registers.
  • It is unknown why, but you can't buy anything from the Shoe rental store. It mostly due to lack of scripting abilities at the time.
  • The type of Root Beer in the game is Barg's.
  • There is a TV in the Snack Bar.
  • You cannot past a slightly visible decal mark on the bowling lanes or else you can die.
  • Error: There are no exact markings for the restrooms.
  • There are 14 lanes.
  • For some undiscovered reason, most visitors are Guests or newer users.
  • Error: Even though the word Cash is on the leaderboard, it says Robux when you buy things.
  • To buy something, you walk into the cash register, you stay, a GUI comes up and you click on the item you want.
  • The most expensive item in the game is the Giant Black and Pink Bowling Balls (100 Robux).


In 2007 to Early or MId 2008 the game was "blXhdFilms Studios Under Construction" in Mid 2008 or Late 2008 the game was changed to Roblox Bowling Alley. Photos