Mega Fun Obby is an obby game with 2125 stages created by Bloxtun.

The objective of the game entitles players to complete various stages on a long obstacle course by jumping over blocks to avoid failing and touching deadly blocks. Mega Fun Obby is one of Roblox’s Longest obbies.


The game currently has 261 badges. The directions to obtain it are in the badge descriptions. Player will get a badge for every 10th stage completed, completing the 1111th stage, completing the 2019th stage and for every prestige up to 8th. Player will get You won! 1/2 badge for completing the 1000th stage, Mega Fun Obby Champ! badge for completing 50 stage long obby without checkpoint in the winner room, and a WELCOME TO MEGA FUN OBBY badge for joining the game, this badge was introduced in April 2019. There are also 33 special player badges.

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