WWII - Battle For Carentan is a place made by brayden99. It is quite a popular game, having achieved over 7 million visits and over 245,000 favorites since its creation. Brayden99 has created other versions of the game using the same WWII theme, including a D-Day Invasion, and a Moscow version is currently in the works.



No longer attainable.

Ray Gun Badge!

The only way to obtain this special weapon is to find its hidden place in the game. HINT: It involves finding a certain amount of hidden stuffed animals... (There are 3 Teddy bears)

Elite Class Badge / V.I.P

If you have earned this badge it means you have bought the Elite VIP Class T-shirt. You will then receive the Grease Gun/Fg-42. Trench Gun, Magnum/mauser, grenade, Bowie knife, smoke greande, also a medic pack. This class is meant for the best and will truly make you stand out as an amazing player at The Battle For Carentan. Here is the link to the T-shirt

Heavy Duty Class Badge

Get 50 kills to unlock this class and badge.

Stats Updated

2012-12-02 01:46 GMT


Before the game was upgraded, the Heavy Duty Class was (Most of the times) not obtainable even if you got 50 kills.

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