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Notoriety, formerly named Heist, is a game created by Brick_man. It is based off of Payday 2, a game developed by Overkill Software.

In Notoriety, the player must collect money through heists, which will enable them to buy more weapons, attachments, armor, etc. There are 18 heists. To do a heist you need to pay for a contract. These contract costs vary depending on the heist. The Jewelry Shop heist is free for new players to earn some money and XP without the help of others. You can earn free contracts through safes. Having a free contract means you can do the map the contract is for without paying the contract cost, though it is a one time use. Two heists, the Golden Mask Casino and Brick Bank, require a game pass in order to purchase the contract.


Around March 2017, Brick_man stated that he will revamp the whole entire game on his Twitter account. He planned it to release it around Summer of 2017, but no specific release date. In the revamp, most of the maps will be revamped, there will also be some new maps to play on, new characters, guns, AI Criminals, etc. The developers showed some sneak peeks on the revamp on Discord or their Twitter account, such as maps, the GUIs, AIs, and some new guns. Brick_Man assured that the revamp will not affect anyone's data. Around December 2017, the game's revamp was finally released, but it still had bugs and there were still maps, guns, and other features to be revamped and released. It has been told that it was rushed due to the fact the beta version had no replication filtering. In that case, it would get deleted by Roblox due to the fact that a game without replication filtering is not safe. 


This is a spreadsheet listing out each heist, the cost of the contract, the amount of XP you get for completing it, the cash reward awarded for completing it, and whether or not it is possible to stealth it. This list is in no particular order.

All values listed are for the default difficulty setting - Normal

Heist Contract Cost XP Money Received Stealth Possible
Jewelry Shop $0 16,000 $100,500 Yes
R&B bank $2,750 21,000 $120,000 Yes
Gift Factory $2,750 60,000 $100,000 No
Four Stores $5,500 3,500 $20,000 Yes
Diamond Store $6,050 22,000 $300,000 Yes
Art Gallery $7,370 12,500 $78,000 Yes
RO-Bank $27,500 10,000 $80,000 Yes
Mall Raid $49,500 20,000 $60,000 No
Downtown Bank $50,121 35,000 $600,000 Yes
Blood Money $71,500 30,000 $200,000 No
Shadow Raid $86,900 8,900 $1,000,000 Yes
Authority $88,660 2,700 $400,000 Yes
Black Friday $90,750 219,000 $150,650 No
Cook Off $97,900 30,000 $200,000 No
Nightclub $98,505 30,000 $150,000 Yes
Haunted Forest $99,000 30,000 $500,000 No
Golden Mask Casino $110,000 29,000 $900,000 Yes
Brick Bank $132,000 80,000 $1,000,000 Yes


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  • It was renamed to Notoriety due to copyright issues, and some maps were forced to change their names as well. For example, Golden Mask Casino is the changed name of Golden Grin Casino.
  • It was one of the first games to be featured in Live-Ops along with Koala Café, Ore Tycoon 2, Floppy Fighters and Speed Simulator X.
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