Valor is a medieval-genre game made by brick_man on December 8, 2016. The main focus of the gameplay is to either protect your kingdom as a Defender, or destroy the kingdom as an Attacker.


Every map scatters trees and stones in different locations, and the theme of the map (or biome) can be different. Each map provides the "Defenders" team a blacksmith, a flag, a stockpile, and three houses. The map is separated into two territories for each team, although the "Defenders" gets the majority of the land. Players are given around a one-minute intermission before the round starts. During that intermission, players may get a head start of getting supplies for the Defenders. Others might use that time to browse the in-game shop. After that intermission, the game randomly chooses a player as the "Attacker", while the rest are separated into the team "Defenders".

Both teams are given three minutes to prepare. Defenders might use this time to collect supplies. The two supplies are wood and stone. To collect those stone, they must have an axe, chop down a tree, and bring it back to the stockpile. and Defenders may also build certain buildings, each of them offering certain perks and benefits at the cost of supplies. However, after preparation time is up, you cannot build any more buildings and gathering supplies offers no benefit other than gathering "Glory".

On the other hand, the "Attacker" will have more NPCs to the labor for them than the Defenders team and harvest the trees in their territory, giving the "Attacker" money to use. The money will be used to recruit solders or upgrade them. After the three minutes are up, the recruited solders and the NPCs who harvest the wood go out to battle.

When the time goes to two minutes remaining, the general (the "Attacker" as an NPC) is summoned. The general has very high health. Defenders must kill the general in order to win.

If the time runs out, the round goes into overtime. Defenders must kill the general or the "Attacker" will win the game.

In order for the "Defenders" team to win, they must pass one of these requirements:

  • Have the Attacker's number of recruits go to zero and have the "Attacker" not having any recruits ready to summon.
  • Kill the general.

In order for the "Attacker" to win, the must pass one of these requirements:

  • Have the army bring down the flag.
  • Have the army burn down the houses (acting as spawn points for the Defenders).
  • Have the general survive after the round ends.

When the round ends, all players get a random item in their inventory as a prize for participating.


Glory is a type of reward for Defenders helping their kingdom. To get glory, you can gather supplies for the team or kill enemies. Glory is used to buy certain items in the round to aid the Defenders. This ranges from tools, melee weapons, ranged weapons, and recruits to aid your fighting.

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