This article is about the game. For the hat, see Catalog:ROBLOX Headquarters.
For the real-life headquarters, see Roblox Headquarters.

Roblox World Headquarters is a Roblox game that was developed by Shedletsky, and uploaded through the builderman account. Builderman also has it in his showcase of places.

The Roblox World Headquarters has two buildings, probably based on the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, hence they have a bridge that connects from one building to the other. Each contain 'model' admins, such as builderman, Shedletsky, and Matt Dusek. The place equips players with several BrickBattle tools, bombs, missiles, plus JetBoots. However, the buildings don't have regen scripts, meaning if a player would destroy them, they will not regenerate, which can cause lag due to all the pieces of the building everywhere. There is also a second updated Roblox HQ, though it cannot be destroyed, unless an extremely powerful weapon is used on it. It also has over 5,000 bricks. Though, the first version has many more bricks than 5,000. Players can also battle using the provided weapons, and there is a leaderboard in the corner.

There are also a few minor buildings in the area, including a house, a ruined tower, and an arch. These, however, contain nothing of note. In 2008, a 2.0 version was made here.

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